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Meet DeepL: living our values with the Go-to-Market team

At the heart of DeepL's success lies a secret ingredient that goes beyond cutting-edge technology and breakthrough innovation: the power of its people. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Mara, Mehdi, Lynn, Christopher, and Ryo—five remarkable individuals whose stories are not just narratives of personal achievement, but vibrant illustrations of DeepL's core values in action.

Together, they embody a culture where empathy flows, strategic thinking leads, actions speak louder than words, humility is the foundation, and teamwork drives—transforming DeepL’s ethos into the lifeblood of daily interactions. Dive into their journey and discover the human heartbeat of DeepL, where values are not mere words but the very pillars of our collective story.

“We care” with Mara Saphörster, Sales Enablement Manager

Mara is the kind of person who lights up a room, not just with her presence, but with her genuine care for those around her. In her Sales Enablement role, she doesn't just focus on numbers—she focuses on people. 

"Whenever I hear concerns or sense a certain vibe, I try to be present and actively listen," she says, underscoring her commitment to creating a supportive environment. Her approach is strongly influenced by leaders who embody gratitude and openness. "Be open about your struggles—you might be surprised how much that resonates with others!" Mara advises, a reminder of the power of vulnerability in forging deeper connections. 

When asked how she plans to continue fostering a culture where everyone at DeepL feels cared for, Mara says, "We all do our best when we're challenged in a respectful and kind way. Paying attention to what's on our teammates' minds not only makes us work better together, but also helps our company grow in a healthy way.” 

“We build for scale, quality, and think long-term” with Mehdi Hamsi, Customer Onboarding Manager

Mehdi has the rare ability to see both the forest and the trees. As he guides new customers through DeepL's offerings, he's always thinking about how to scale quality and vision for the long term. 

"I make progress in phases and include opportunities for colleagues to share their feedback. This is an essential part of the process and allows you to achieve initial impact faster and then adapt the project through various iterations to unlock even more value," he explains, illustrating his methodical approach to expanding capabilities. 

His curiosity and forward-thinking nature are contagious, inspiring those around him to constantly seek improvement and innovation. "Every little bit helps! The path to scale, quality, and future-proofing isn't just about big changes or brand-new processes. It's often the little things that add up to make a big difference for our teams and our customers," says Mehdi, underscoring his belief in the incremental benefits of small, consistent actions.

“We are decisive, move fast and act as owners” with Lynn Nguyen, Customer Success Operations Lead

Lynn's story is one of clarity and purpose. She has transformed Customer Success Operations with decisive action and a deep sense of ownership. 

Reflecting on a significant change she implemented, Lynn shares, "When I joined, the CSMs were fielding requests for customer introductions through various Slack channels, DMs, casually during a call, and we weren't able to track these conversations. I decided to streamline them into a request form that would be reviewed weekly by the Customer Success leadership team and then prioritized and routed to the CSMs for customer outreach. With that one decision, we were able to reduce the noise for the CSMs," demonstrating her ability to cut through complexity to find effective solutions. 

Her guiding principle? "How much positive impact can a decision have vs. how much risk/cost will there be in making it," a balance that underpins her thoughtful yet decisive leadership style.

“We are humble, open, and value collaboration” with Chris Redmore, Account Executive

Christopher's approach to teamwork resembles a perfectly orchestrated symphony, where every element contributes to a unified and pleasing outcome. He’s generous in sharing knowledge and recognizes the team's joint efforts as the cornerstone of their success. 

"Being part of a team that values collaboration is rewarding, and it's a true case of what you contribute, you receive in return," he says, capturing the spirit of reciprocal support and open teamwork. 

When asked about the source of his collaborative ethos and any advice he can offer for fostering effective teamwork, Christopher emphasizes, “The principle of psychological safety plays a pivotal role in team dynamics—ensuring that every team member feels confident to express their thoughts without fear of judgment is crucial. I attribute our ability to cultivate such an environment to our team leader, Lewis Fowler!”

Living all DeepL’s values with Ryo Koshirakawa, Account Executive

Ryo's narrative weaves together all of DeepL's values, creating a rich tapestry that showcases the interconnectedness of these principles. 

"For me, DeepL's values extend beyond the workplace and are applicable to everyday life. The principles of caring for others, seeing the big picture, making quick decisions, valuing teamwork, and humility guide my daily choices and important decisions. They also influence how I build and strengthen relationships, not only within the team, but also outside of work” he shares. 

“Building trust is critical because it affects both work outcomes and the overall atmosphere at work. These values provide reliable support when facing new challenges or unfamiliar situations," he observes, emphasizing the universality of these guiding principles. 

When asked what advice or insights he would share with team members on how to incorporate these values into their daily lives, Ryo suggests, "While all values are important, I personally prioritize proactive collaboration. DeepL's diversity enriches creativity and innovation through the exchange of new knowledge and perspectives.

“I believe that continuous learning is essential for skill enhancement and career growth, with intellectual curiosity serving as a powerful motivator. I also think learning and understanding more at work fosters personal growth and collectively improves our expertise.” 

These narratives showcase the essence of DeepL, proving that the heart of any organization is its people—those who live out its fundamental values every day. Through their stories, Mara, Mehdi, Lynn, Christopher, and Ryo demonstrate the critical role that our values—such as thoughtful planning, impactful decision-making, humility, and open collaboration—play in the workplace. These are the true drivers of meaningful change.

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