Translate PPT documents quickly and reliably

Elevate your presentations with DeepL's file translation to ensure that your audience is captivated, regardless of language.

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Why translate PowerPoint documents with DeepL?

With an unwavering commitment to accuracy and security, our PPT document translator is designed with you in mind. It offers:

Precise translations

DeepL’s advanced neural networks deliver remarkably accurate and nuanced translations.

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Preserved formatting

DeepL's file translations maintain all formatting—meaning it's easier than ever to translate entire PPT files.

Data security

Your privacy and security are our top priority, and we adhere to the strictest data protection standards. No third party can access your documents.

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Language diversity

We support a wide range of languages, enhanced by the superior quality of our context-sensitive translation.

Translate more with DeepL Pro

If you need to translate more than 3 PPT files per month, or you need an additional layer of data security, our Pro version may be for you.

Learn more about DeepL Pro.

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How to translate entire PPT documents

We've made the process of translating your PowerPoint documents a breeze. Follow these simple steps to get started:

1. Create a free DeepL account

2. Upload your PPT document

3. Select your desired target language

4. Click "Translate"

Once the translated document is ready, you can download and review it. For Pro users, it's possible to edit the translated document as needed to ensure a seamless final result.

Additional document translation needs? Check out our other file translation options:

FAQs about translating PowerPoint documents

We recommend that you use an online translator such as our tool, which not only allows you to upload entire PPT documents, but also preserves their layout.

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