Use DeepL to translate documents in full, with speed and accuracy

DeepL delivers secure and accurate document translation thanks to AI that’s uniquely designed to understand business context and the nuance of human language. The DeepL document translator works within documents’ original design and format, with no need for extensive redesigns or cutting and pasting into unsecured online translation tools. It makes it easy to translate multiple documents quickly and with confidence.

The specialized Language AI for entire document translation

  • Uniquely designed for accurate, context-aware document translation, with expert translations of business terminology

  • Proprietary neural networks developed by leading linguistics experts and AI pioneers

  • Translate entire documents into English and more than 30 other languages

DeepL supports all file formats, and works with your formatting and design

  • DeepL translates documents in all major file formats

  • Translate entire documents within their original design and without compromising formatting

  • Cut the time required to translate and localize PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint slides, Excel spreadsheets, HTML and TXT files

Keep control of your key terms and phrases

Use DeepL glossaries to define how you want important words and phrases to be translated into other languages, so that your brand voice and expertise are never lost in translation.

Easily edit document translations and choose alternatives

Once your document is translated, use DeepL’s instant editing features to refine the meaning. You can choose alternative translations of words and phrases with a single click and ask DeepL to remember them for consistency when you translate multiple documents.

Keep your documents secure at every stage

DeepL does away with employees cutting and pasting text into unsecured online translation tools. Your documents stay fully secure and protected at every stage. Our systems comply fully with GDPR and ISO 27001 and are SOC 2 Type II attested. We never use your data to train our models.

Transform translation efficiency

“Our linguists really enjoy working with DeepL-powered translations because of the superior translation quality - particularly in key European languages such as German, Italian, French and English.”

Christian SvendsonCEO, 24Translate

Ready to take productivity to the next level?

Experience the power of DeepL. Transform productivity with secure and accurate document translation across workflows.

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