Simplify your workflow with easy Excel translation

Unlock the power of your Excel files with DeepL advanced translation technology. Get instant, accurate translations for business or personal use, ensuring clear communication in over 30 languages.

Why DeepL is the ultimate Excel translation tool

Unmatched accuracy

DeepL's AI, developed by top experts and trained on extensive linguistic data, delivers translations three times more accurate and nuanced than competitors.

High-speed processing

DeepL's advanced technology enables lightning-fast translation of your Excel files. No more waiting around—get your translated spreadsheets in just seconds, boosting your productivity and efficiency.

Preserved formatting

Focus on your content while DeepL takes care of the rest. Our translator ensures your Excel file's layout, formatting, and data remain intact during the translation process, saving you valuable time and effort.

Top-tier security

With DeepL, your data is in safe hands. All paid plans come with industry-leading data protection measures, including immediate deletion of texts post-translation, giving you peace of mind while leveraging our powerful translation capabilities.

How to translate an entire Excel file

Ready to transform your Excel files into different languages? Follow these simple steps:

1 - Upload the file

Make sure that you're currently subscribed to a DeepL Pro Advanced or Ultimate plan. Once you're logged into your account, go to the Translate files tab in the translator, drag and drop an Excel file or select one from your computer.

2 - Select translation language

The translator will detect the source language; you just need to choose the target language (e.g., German) from the dropdown menu.

3 - Translate the file

Click on the Translate into [target language] button.

Alternatively, select Translate and edit if you want to customize the final output by choosing alternative words and phrases or using the glossary feature.

4 - Download the translated file

Without edits: Click on the Get download button to download the file directly. With edits: After reviewing and editing your translation, click on Get download and choose Download with edits to download the revised file.

Did you know that DeepL can also translate other file types?

Find out how to translate Word, PDF, and PPT documents. Using Google Sheets rather than Excel? Our Google Sheets integration is coming soon, allowing you to instantly translate your spreadsheets. For more information on translating Excel files, please take a look at our Help Center or at our FAQs below.

FAQs about translating Excel documents

You can translate your Excel file into any language supported by DeepL. Find the full list of supported languages here.

Try DeepL Pro—for free!

Start your 30-day free trial of DeepL Pro Advanced and Ultimate plans. Translate all your documents, including Excel, with unparalleled quality for formats like Word, PowerPoint, PDF, plain text, HTML, SRT and XLIFF. Are you an organization looking for a customized solution for document translation? Contact our Sales team.