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Brazilian Portuguese now available on DeepL Translator!

Que legal! DeepL Translator is now also capable of translating into Brazilian Portuguese!

The Portuguese language, in all its varieties, is spoken all around the world by millions of people on several continents. The country with the most Lusophones is by far Brazil, with over 200 million people.

To reflect some of this linguistic diversity, our researchers have taught our algorithms to also produce translations in the variety of Portuguese used in Brazil. This allows DeepL Translator to capture the nuances and unique vocabulary of Brazil, as well as the language of millions more in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, and elsewhere.

Some variations in the Portuguese language are clear to see in the translations of the phrase “The girl is having breakfast.”

Portuguese: A rapariga está a tomar o pequeno-almoço.Brazilian Portuguese: A menina está tomando o café da manhã.

The terms for “the girl” (a rapariga/a menina) and “breakfast” (o pequeno-almoço/o café da manhã) reflect regional variations, as does the form of the verb tomar. Brazilian Portuguese prefers the gerund, whereas a construction using the infinitive is more common in Portugal and other countries.

The two variations of Portuguese are now available on To select the version you prefer, simply click on the language next to “Translate into” and select either “Portuguese” or “Portuguese (Brazilian).”

Enjoy the many delights of the Portuguese-speaking world!