Jaroslaw Kutylowski takes over as DeepL's CEO

We are very excited to announce a new development in the history of DeepL: Co-founder Jaroslaw Kutylowski is our new chief executive officer.

DeepL has established itself as one of the top players in the AI sector with neural network technology capable of a never-before-seen level of textual understanding. Our AI translation services are being used by a rapidly-growing number of corporations, individuals, and professional translators.

In the near future, we will be expanding our range of AI products and services. In order to achieve this, we have doubled our staff in recent months. We are entering an exciting new phase of our development, and Jaroslaw taking over the role of CEO will help us respond to accelerating change.

This move formalizes the key role that Jaroslaw has played in the company for a long time. Since joining the company in 2012 as chief technical officer, Jaroslaw has taken on progressively more responsibilities, not only in expanding our technical capabilities, but also in business operations.

Jaroslaw oversaw the introduction of DeepL Pro, targeting professional users. He was also instrumental in securing the backing of venture capital firm Benchmark in November 2018.

“The most important element for a startup to become successful on a global scale is effective leadership,” explained Benchmark partner Matt Cohler, “the future is very bright for DeepL, and they’ve got the right person at the helm.”

DeepL’s previous CEO, Gereon Frahling, is now able to focus on improving and expanding our AI technology and leading the constantly-growing research team.

“I’m very happy having Jaroslaw officially take the reins as CEO,” said Gereon. “Our team has never been stronger, and I’m very excited about the revolutionary AI ideas we're working on.”

“Jaroslaw knows the company inside out and everyone holds him in the highest regard,” he added, “This is a massive boost for DeepL!”

As for Jaroslaw himself, he’s as excited as everyone else, and has already got down to business. “I’m honoured by the trust that everyone here at DeepL has placed in me and, of course, I’m thrilled. DeepL is already a daily companion for so many people, and we want to continue along the path to becoming one of the world's leading AI companies. Of course, this means that the company needs to grow substantially, and I'm very pleased with the steps we've taken in recent months.”