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Customize DeepL Translator with the glossary

UPDATE May 2022: Learn more about the expansion of the glossary feature in our latest blog post!

What’s better than finding the exact right word to express yourself? Always finding the exact right word to express yourself! Our new Glossary feature gives you the power to determine exactly how DeepL Translator should translate terms for you.

Whether you translate legal contracts, technical manuals, or company newsletters, the Glossary can save the terms you use and the translations you like, ensuring consistency and saving you time.

All you need to do is click on a word in the translated text, click on your preferred formulation, and save the Glossary pair when asked. Alternately, you can click on “Customization” and enter it manually.

You can create Glossary entries for nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and even multi-word entries, and DeepL Translator will adapt the grammar and formulation to accommodate your preferences. You always have the option to turn the Customization feature on or off, giving you full control over how and when the rules you create affect DeepL Translator. Free users of DeepL Translator can create a limited number of Glossary pairs, whereas DeepL Pro subscribers can create as many as they like!

Currently, Glossary pairs can be created for the following language combinations: German into English, French into English, English into German, and English into French. Further language combinations will be added in the near future, as will further options to customize DeepL Translator’s results and make the translations your own.