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At DeepL, our mission is to bring AI products of the future to everyone, right now. Here in the DeepL Blog, we will keep you updated about our ideas and the innovations that we will bring to the world.

DeepL company spokesman Lee Turner Kodak accepts the Honorary German AI Award from
Bilanz Editor in Chief Klaus Boldt. (Photo: Kerstin Müller / BILANZ)

DeepL wins first-ever Honorary German AI Award

The night of September 26th was very special for DeepL. In a ceremony at Factory Berlin am Görlitzer Park, DeepL was awarded the first-ever Honorary AI Award at the inaugural German AI Awards (Deutscher KI-Preis). To say that we are honored would be an understatement. Being singled out for this award is an extremely gratifying recognition of our efforts over the past two years.

The German AI Awards were created by Bilanz Magazin with the support of Airbus, BMW Group, Maschmeyer Group, McKinsey & Company, Otto Group, and Presight Capital. In addition to the Honorary Award awarded to DeepL, Dr. Elmar Rückert of the University of Lübeck won the Development Award, and Professor Dr. Kristian Kersting of the “Machine Learning Lab” at the Technical University of Darmstadt took home the Grand Prize.

“We are extremely grateful to Bilanz Magazin and the German AI Awards jury. On behalf of everyone at DeepL, thank you very much!” said DeepL CEO Jaroslaw Kutylowski. “I’d like to congratulate the other award winners and all the nominees, as well. We look forward to seeing the exciting AI developments they are working on.”

The German AI Awards are an excellent initiative to promote and drive innovation in artificial intelligence and show that Germany has incredible potential to be a world leader in this field. We at DeepL are thrilled to be at the forefront of artificial intelligence research worldwide, and to be Germany’s leading AI company.

We view the Honorary AI Award as confirmation that DeepL is a prime example not only of highly-advanced AI technology, but also a meaningful application of that technology that helps millions of people in their everyday lives.

DeepL integration in Windows and Mac

Why go to a website when the world’s best machine translation technology could be everywhere on your computer? By integrating DeepL into your computer’s operating system, great translations are just a keyboard shortcut away.

Maximum efficiency is the name of the game. DeepL software for Windows and macOS runs in the background and can be called up any time you need to translate. This means that DeepL’s translations are available in each and every one of the programs and applications on your computer!

All you need to do to translate is highlight the text and hit the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+C for Windows, ⌘C for Mac) twice. The DeepL window will appear, displaying the translation and allowing you to either copy it or simply insert it directly in place of the original text and continue working.

Best of all, the software includes some of the features that people love best about Alternate translations are shown whenever possible, and you can click on any word to get synonyms or other formulations.

Integrating DeepL into your computer is extremely easy. All you need to do is download the version of the app that’s right for your computer’s operating system, and open the downloaded file. You’ll automatically be guided through a very short setup process. Once completed, you’re ready to go!

DeepL Pro subscribers can link the software with their DeepL accounts to have the same benefits that they have come to enjoy. All 72 language combinations are supported in the integration, with new languages becoming available as soon as they are added to DeepL. Both the Windows and Mac versions can be downloaded for free here.

DeepL Pro - now available in Switzerland and Liechtenstein!

Schönen Bundesfeiertag! Or should we say bonne fête nationale suisse? Or maybe buona Festa Nazionale Svizzera!

No matter how you say it, today is the Swiss National Day, and there are thousands of reasons to celebrate. We at DeepL would like to add one more: Residents of Switzerland and Liechtenstein can now sign up for DeepL Pro!

Located at the heart of Europe, these two countries are highly international and well-connected. We’re extremely happy to now be able to serve such an important market for translation and language services.

We have had thousands of requests from Swiss businesses and professionals, but international trade is not as easy as we might like it to be. Now that we’ve sorted out the paperwork, we can get to the fun part: Providing DeepL Pro access to even more people.

As of today, all of our DeepL Pro subscription options are available in Switzerland and Liechtenstein: Individual plans, team subscriptions with multiple licenses, and the DeepL API plan for developers. Check out all the options and find the DeepL Pro subscription that works best for you and your business!

This is our first expansion to clients outside of the European Union, but it definitely won’t be the last.

Until then, happy Swiss National Day!

Jaroslaw Kutylowski takes over as DeepL's CEO

We are very excited to announce a new development in the history of DeepL: Co-founder Jaroslaw Kutylowski is our new chief executive officer.

DeepL has established itself as one of the top players in the AI sector with neural network technology capable of a never-before-seen level of textual understanding. Our AI translation services are being used by a rapidly-growing number of corporations, individuals, and professional translators.

In the near future, we will be expanding our range of AI products and services. In order to achieve this, we have doubled our staff in recent months. We are entering an exciting new phase of our development, and Jaroslaw taking over the role of CEO will help us respond to accelerating change.

This move formalizes the key role that Jaroslaw has played in the company for a long time. Since joining the company in 2012 as chief technical officer, Jaroslaw has taken on progressively more responsibilities, not only in expanding our technical capabilities, but also in business operations.

Jaroslaw oversaw the introduction of DeepL Pro, targeting professional users. He was also instrumental in securing the backing of venture capital firm Benchmark in November 2018.

“The most important element for a startup to become successful on a global scale is effective leadership,” explained Benchmark partner Matt Cohler, “the future is very bright for DeepL, and they’ve got the right person at the helm.”

DeepL’s previous CEO, Gereon Frahling, is now able to focus on improving and expanding our AI technology and leading the constantly-growing research team.

“I’m very happy having Jaroslaw officially take the reins as CEO,” said Gereon. “Our team has never been stronger, and I’m very excited about the revolutionary AI ideas we're working on.”

“Jaroslaw knows the company inside out and everyone holds him in the highest regard,” he added, “This is a massive boost for DeepL!”

As for Jaroslaw himself, he’s as excited as everyone else, and has already got down to business: “I’m honoured by the trust that everyone here at DeepL has placed in me and, of course, I’m thrilled. DeepL is already a daily companion for so many people, and we want to continue along the path to becoming one of the world's leading AI companies. Of course, this means that the company needs to grow substantially, and I'm very pleased with the steps we've taken in recent months.”

New languages: Russian and Portuguese!

Bom dia, друзья! You asked, we listened, and today we are extremely excited to give you what you’ve been looking for: Russian and Portuguese translation on DeepL Translator!

By serving these two massive language communities, DeepL can now provide half a billion more people with the world’s best AI translation technology. We are especially pleased that we can add these two major global languages with the same translation quality that has been the hallmark of DeepL since the very beginning.

In blind testing that compared our translations to those of other systems, DeepL’s Russian and Portuguese services consistently emerged as translators’ favorites. These results further confirm that DeepL can compete with, and outperform, established global players.

These definitely won’t be the last languages we add to DeepL Translator: The neural networks are constantly training to master further languages. DeepL remains the world leader in AI translation technology and we continue to have our sights set on further development.

Check out Portuguese and Russian on DeepL Translator and discover what these two fascinating languages have to offer.

Поехали! Vamos lá!

New DeepL Pro pricing plans: Free trial, lower prices, team accounts

DeepL Pro has proven to be a great success, with thousands of companies and professionals finding it to be their ideal translation solution. We are thrilled to announce that we have now revamped our pricing model to allow even more people to get on board with DeepL Pro and the features that come along with it. It is also possible to test it out with a 30-day free trial.

Rather than offering a single payment model, we now have several options, which can be adapted to meet your needs. The most modest plan, Starter, begins at just €5.99 per month, but still allows for unlimited use of the Web Translator and includes 5 document translations.

People looking to translate more, such as professional translators, should opt for either the Advanced or Ultimate plan, which include more document translations, and allow you to use DeepL Pro in computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools.

One of the most common requests we have received has been for a solution for teams or whole companies needing to translate with DeepL Pro. By signing up for a team plan, you give access to all your colleagues and allow them to use all the features of DeepL Pro; unlimited Web Translator use, a shared pool of document translations, and multiple licenses for CAT tool integration.

One of the things that excites us the most is seeing what other people create based on DeepL’s translation technology. Several developers have already started building new applications and programs using the DeepL API. In order to support further creativity, we offer the DeepL API plan specifically for developers.

Whether you are a software developer with a great idea for a cool new app, a professional translator who handles several thousand words a day, a student who needs to translate only a couple documents, or a business owner who needs to connect with international clients, DeepL Pro is the tool for you. Its powerful features, world-class quality, and flexible conditions will help you take your projects to the next level.

Take a look at all the DeepL Pro plans and find the one that’s right for you!

One-click Document Translation with DeepL

Wouldn’t it be great if you could translate a full file into another language without losing all of those carefully-placed images and font styles? Today, we are rolling out this new feature as part of our free service.

Whether you are a student needing to translate your thesis, a professional preparing a presentation in a foreign language, or a company providing user manuals to a global audience, DeepL translates your documents at the click of a button, to the world-class standard you’ve come to expect from us.

DeepL can handle Microsoft Word (.docx) and PowerPoint (.pptx) files. All elements of the document, including body text, titles, captions, and even footnotes, will be translated into the language of your choice, while conserving the original formatting.

The document translator is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Simply drag the file to be translated into the input field on the left, as shown below:

Once you have uploaded your file, select the language into which the file should be translated. The translation will then begin automatically, as you can see:

Alternatively, hover your mouse cursor over the “Translate document” button at the bottom left of the input field and select the language you want to translate the document into, as shown below:

Select your document and DeepL will take care of the rest. Once finished, the translated document will be automatically downloaded.

As a DeepL Pro subscriber, you can further edit the downloaded file. You also benefit from increased document translation speed; even large files should take only seconds to translate. In the coming months, further file formats will be supported.

It’s never been easier to produce high-quality documents for a global audience. Stop wasting time and start translating your documents today on

Introducing the DeepL API

Last August, we launched DeepL Translator, a new milestone in machine translation. Since then, hundreds of translators, companies, and developers have approached us with ideas to build great new products on top of this translation technology.

Today, we are introducing the DeepL API, as part of DeepL Pro. Put simply, the DeepL API is an interface that allows other computer programs to send texts to our servers and receive high-quality translations. This opens a whole universe of opportunities for developers worldwide: Any translation product you can imagine can now be built on top of DeepL's superior translation technology. A few examples:

  • Live translation apps: Recently, tech giants and smaller startups alike have announced the development of earbuds that translate in real time, but can only deliver the quality of traditional translation tools. The new DeepL API allows developers to build live translators with DeepL's translation technology, making far fewer mistakes.
  • Augmented reality translations: Point your mobile phone camera at a sign and get the right translation. Such an app could be built by any developer with a DeepL Pro subscription.
  • Operating systems: Translate directly in your browser, chat program, email client, or word processor, as soon as the developers have integrated our technology.
  • Internal communications: Large corporations can integrate our translation technology into their communication systems. They can then get high-quality translations on the fly with our data protection guarantee ensuring the confidentiality of their information.
  • Computer-assisted translation: Leading translation tool provider SDL already allows for the integration of the DeepL API into SDL Trados Suite 2017. Every translator can now benefit from DeepL's incredible neural translations within their favorite translation tool.

Elegantly integrated, high-quality translations will become the new standard. We cannot wait to see the incredible products created by developers who share our vision of a more closely connected world in which language is no longer a barrier.

Data Protection: The EU Advantage

You have probably already seen the incredible difference in quality between DeepL Translator and translation services offered by our competitors. Even better; as a company based in the European Union, DeepL offers you additional benefits when it comes to privacy and confidentiality. Neither source texts, nor their translations, can be obtained by foreign authorities.

EU data protection laws put user protection front and center; we are prohibited from collecting personal data without reason. And, should an EU-based company ever experience a security breach concerning users' data, they are required to inform customers within 72 hours of learning of the incident.

With the new DeepL Pro service, to be launched in March, we will add another layer of data security. We guarantee every DeepL Pro subscriber that we never store the texts they translate. With this guarantee, under European Union law, you can be sure that you and your clients' texts are as secure as possible.

The security of company reports, patents, corporate emails, and customer data is of utmost importance. DeepL guarantees that such documents are treated with the sensitivity and confidentiality that you and your customers deserve.

You care about the privacy of the texts you translate. So do we.

Welcome to the DeepL Blog!

At DeepL, our mission is to bring AI products of the future to everyone, right now. Here in the DeepL Blog, we will keep you updated about our ideas and the innovations that we will bring to the world.

There is currently a lot of hype about AI and what it can possibly achieve in the future. However, real products have yet to fulfill this promise; self-driving car services have yet to appear, personal assistants remain constrained to a small set of queries, and live translators are not yet good enough for smooth conversation.

At DeepL, we are actively launching products that put the future of AI into your hands. We started with DeepL Translator, launched in August 2017. It was described as "outperforming other services" (Le Monde), translating "much more fluently" (Wired), and as having "outdone all the tech giants and raised the bar for the field" (TechCrunch). To achieve our goals, we have been developing a completely new generation of artificial neural networks. Using a novel neural network design, our networks learn to grasp the subtle meanings of sentences, and convey them in the target language in a way not seen before. DeepL Translator is available to everyone, free of charge at

Since our neural networks have developed a previously unseen sense of "understanding", there are numerous more potential applications. You can expect further DeepL products that go way beyond translation and will change the way you handle text and speech. Keep your finger on the pulse here on our blog!

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