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At DeepL, our mission is to bring AI products of the future to everyone, right now. Here in the DeepL Blog, we will keep you updated about our ideas and the innovations that we will bring to the world.

Further information about DeepL and our history can be found on our press page.

DeepL Translator Launches 13 New European Languages

We're excited to share that DeepL Translator now supports thirteen new European languages: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, and Swedish.

Over the years, many people have asked us to add more languages to our translator so that they could enjoy DeepL’s accurate translations. We’re thrilled to be able to honor several of those requests at once with the release of the new languages.

With this launch, DeepL can now reach an estimated 105 million more native speakers around the world with natural-sounding, high-quality translations. This allows us to further our company vision of breaking down language barriers and bringing cultures closer together.

We’re continually working to ensure the translation quality for all languages remains exceptional and that the translation process is seamless for all our users. And if your preferred language isn’t offered yet, don’t worry, we will add more languages in the future.

From “Sziasztok” to “Hej”, we’re ready to say hello to our new users and are already looking forward to their feedback. All thirteen languages are now available on, via the DeepL API, and in our desktop apps, DeepL for Windows and DeepL for Mac.

Ready to try out the new languages for yourself? Head over to DeepL Translator now to start translating.

DeepL Translator now offers both American and British English!

DeepL has now made it easier to get English translations in your preferred style: DeepL Translator can now produce translations that reflect the particularities of American and British English.

Variations in spelling are covered: American neighbors become British neighbours, and they can call each other on their cell phones or on their mobile phones, depending on your preference.

Similarly, terms that have completely different equivalents across the pond are also taken into account. American cookies become British biscuits. That is, of course, unless they’re on your web browser.

This expanded control over DeepL Translator enables you to more quickly get translations that respect the language conventions that you prefer. To set the language variety you would like, simply select either “English (American)” or “English (British)” as the target language.

American and British English are now available as target languages on, via the DeepL API, and in our desktop applications, DeepL for Windows and DeepL for Mac. Combining this feature with other features, such as the Glossary, allows you to take full control of the English texts DeepL Translator produces for you.

*Please note that these two language variants are not currently available for translations from Japanese and Chinese. These two source languages will be added in the near future.

DeepL Pro - now available in Japan!

Since we added Japanese to DeepL Translator, we’ve been amazed by how quickly people in Japan have taken to using our services. We made it a priority to make our paid subscription service, DeepL Pro, available in Japan and we can now announce that that has become a reality.

All DeepL Pro subscription plans, providing added data protection, unlimited translation capacity, API access, and more, are now available in Japan. Japanese customers also benefit from prices in Yen.

We continue to expand DeepL Pro coverage around the world and will add further countries and currencies in the near future.

Customize DeepL Translator with the Glossary

What’s better than finding the exact right word to express yourself? Always finding the exact right word to express yourself! Our new Glossary feature gives you the power to determine exactly how DeepL Translator should translate terms for you.

Whether you translate legal contracts, technical manuals, or company newsletters, the Glossary can save the terms you use and the translations you like, ensuring consistency and saving you time.

All you need to do is click on a word in the translated text, click on your preferred formulation, and save the Glossary pair when asked. Alternately, you can click on “Customization” and enter it manually.

You can create Glossary entries for nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and even multi-word entries, and DeepL Translator will adapt the grammar and formulation to accommodate your preferences. You always have the option to turn the Customization feature on or off, giving you full control over how and when the rules you create affect DeepL Translator. Free users of DeepL Translator can create a limited number of Glossary pairs, whereas DeepL Pro subscribers can create as many as they like!

Currently, Glossary pairs can be created for the following language combinations: German into English, French into English, English into German, and English into French. Further language combinations will be added in the near future, as will further options to customize DeepL Translator’s results and make the translations your own.

DeepL Pro is now available in the United States and Canada.
DeepL Pro is now available in the United States and Canada.

DeepL Pro - now available in the United States and Canada!

We are delighted to announce that DeepL Pro is now available in the Land of the Free and the True North! This has been a longstanding goal of ours and we are very proud to welcome our American and Canadian friends.

All DeepL Pro subscription plans, providing added data protection, unlimited translation capacity, API access, and more, are available immediately. Additionally, we are very happy to allow our North-America-based clients to pay for their DeepL Pro subscriptions in their local currencies, US and Canadian dollars.

We’re constantly working to enter new markets and will be making DeepL Pro available in further countries in the near future.

Please note that while businesses in Quebec may sign up as of today, registration will be open for private citizens shortly.

DeepL Translator now offers a choice of variants of Portuguese.
DeepL Translator now offers a choice of variants of Portuguese.

Brazilian Portuguese now available on DeepL Translator!

Que legal! DeepL Translator is now also capable of translating into Brazilian Portuguese!

The Portuguese language, in all its varieties, is spoken all around the world by millions of people on several continents. The country with the most Lusophones is by far Brazil, with over 200 million people.

To reflect some of this linguistic diversity, our researchers have taught our algorithms to also produce translations in the variety of Portuguese used in Brazil. This allows DeepL Translator to capture the nuances and unique vocabulary of Brazil, as well as the language of millions more in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, and elsewhere.

Some variations in the Portuguese language are clear to see in the translations of the phrase “The girl is having breakfast.”

Portuguese: A rapariga está a tomar o pequeno-almoço.
Brazilian Portuguese: A menina está tomando o café da manhã.

The terms for “the girl” (a rapariga/a menina) and “breakfast” (o pequeno-almoço/o café da manhã) reflect regional variations, as does the form of the verb tomar; Brazilian Portuguese prefers the gerund, whereas a construction using the infinitive is more common in Portugal and other countries.

The two variations of Portuguese are now available on To select the version you prefer, simply click on the language next to “Translate into” and select either “Portuguese” or “Portuguese (Brazilian).”

Enjoy the many delights of the Portuguese-speaking world!

Japanese and Chinese are now available on DeepL Translator.
Japanese and Chinese are now available on DeepL Translator.

DeepL Translator learns Japanese and Chinese

Two of the questions we are most often asked are, “when will you add Japanese?” and “when will you add Chinese?” We are pleased to say, "今日!" Or, "今天!"

The improvements in our neural network architecture that we made early this year have enabled us to achieve translation quality in Japanese and Chinese unlike anything we’ve seen before. To be sure the translations lived up to DeepL’s standards, we once again ran blind tests: We asked Japanese and Chinese translators to evaluate a set of translated texts from various online translation providers, without knowing which site produced which translation. Once again, DeepL’s results were picked as the best more often than any other provider’s, as you can see below:

These two languages and their unique writing systems, posed interesting challenges for our research team. How do you teach a machine to translate to and from languages that are so different from one another? The answer is found in millions of translations, clever mathematics, and invaluable input from our Chinese and Japanese language experts.

The result is an important expansion of DeepL Translator’s capabilities. The algorithms can now handle several thousand Chinese characters, as well as Japanese kanji, hiragana, and katakana. With this vast knowledge, DeepL Translator can now produce translations that use natural-sounding, context-appropriate language in two more of the world’s most-used languages.

This is an important milestone for us; adding Japanese and Chinese expands our language coverage to over a billion potential new users. We are very proud to have been able to respond to the wishes of people around the world and fulfil our ambition to add Japanese and Chinese to DeepL Translator.

気に入っていただけると嬉しいです! 我们希望你喜欢它!

January 2020 blind testing once again confirms that DeepL Translator is the world’s best AI translation system.
January 2020 blind testing once again confirms that DeepL Translator is the world’s best AI translation system.

Another breakthrough in AI translation quality

We are pleased to inform you that, today, we have launched a completely new translation system that represents another quantum leap in translation quality. The neural networks we use are far superior to previous technologies and you can now test and use them free of charge at

We already made some headlines in 2017 when we released DeepL Translator, which was superior in quality to translation systems of even large high-tech companies and was able to translate even longer passages without errors. Our services quickly became popular: they are now used by more than half a billion people.

Now our AI researchers have succeeded in achieving another breakthrough in translation quality. All the criteria that make for a good translation have been improved by the new system. The new neural networks are able to represent the meaning of the translated sentences in the target language much more precisely and, at the same time, are often able to find more professional formulations.

This has prompted us to conduct new blind tests. We translated 119 lengthy passages from a wide variety of subjects using DeepL Translator and some competing systems. We then asked professional translators to evaluate these translations and choose the best translation - without being informed which system produced which translation. The translators selected the translations from DeepL four times more often than those from any other system:

We assume that companies such as Google or Microsoft also have very good data for training neural translation networks. On the other hand, we have achieved many innovations in the mathematics and methodology of neural networks, with the help of which we can extend our lead. It is a special moment for our entire team that these improvements can now be used by billions of people.

At DeepL, our vision is to break down language barriers worldwide and bring cultures closer together. To achieve this, we are planning to add many more languages and, in the coming months and years, we want to integrate translation technology wherever people communicate with each other, read texts, write or do business with each other. This vision also motivates many AI researchers and developers to join DeepL. If you too would like to help us bring the world closer together, please feel free to apply!

DeepL company spokesman Lee Turner Kodak accepts the Honorary German AI Award from <br> Bilanz Editor in Chief Klaus Boldt. (Photo: Kerstin Müller / BILANZ)
DeepL company spokesman Lee Turner Kodak accepts the Honorary German AI Award from
Bilanz Editor in Chief Klaus Boldt. (Photo: Kerstin Müller / BILANZ)

DeepL wins first-ever Honorary German AI Award

The night of September 26th was very special for DeepL. In a ceremony at Factory Berlin am Görlitzer Park, DeepL was awarded the first-ever Honorary AI Award at the inaugural German AI Awards (Deutscher KI-Preis). To say that we are honored would be an understatement. Being singled out for this award is an extremely gratifying recognition of our efforts over the past two years.

The German AI Awards were created by Bilanz Magazin with the support of Airbus, BMW Group, Maschmeyer Group, McKinsey & Company, Otto Group, and Presight Capital. In addition to the Honorary Award awarded to DeepL, Dr. Elmar Rückert of the University of Lübeck won the Development Award, and Professor Dr. Kristian Kersting of the “Machine Learning Lab” at the Technical University of Darmstadt took home the Grand Prize.

“We are extremely grateful to Bilanz Magazin and the German AI Awards jury. On behalf of everyone at DeepL, thank you very much!” said DeepL CEO Jaroslaw Kutylowski. “I’d like to congratulate the other award winners and all the nominees, as well. We look forward to seeing the exciting AI developments they are working on.”

The German AI Awards are an excellent initiative to promote and drive innovation in artificial intelligence and show that Germany has incredible potential to be a world leader in this field. We at DeepL are thrilled to be at the forefront of artificial intelligence research worldwide, and to be Germany’s leading AI company.

We view the Honorary AI Award as confirmation that DeepL is a prime example not only of highly-advanced AI technology, but also a meaningful application of that technology that helps millions of people in their everyday lives.

DeepL integration in Windows and Mac

Why go to a website when the world’s best machine translation technology could be everywhere on your computer? By integrating DeepL into your computer’s operating system, great translations are just a keyboard shortcut away.

Maximum efficiency is the name of the game. DeepL software for Windows and macOS runs in the background and can be called up any time you need to translate. This means that DeepL’s translations are available in each and every one of the programs and applications on your computer!

All you need to do to translate is highlight the text and hit the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+C for Windows, ⌘C for Mac) twice. The DeepL window will appear, displaying the translation and allowing you to either copy it or simply insert it directly in place of the original text and continue working.

Best of all, the software includes some of the features that people love best about Alternate translations are shown whenever possible, and you can click on any word to get synonyms or other formulations.

Integrating DeepL into your computer is extremely easy. All you need to do is download the version of the app that’s right for your computer’s operating system, and open the downloaded file. You’ll automatically be guided through a very short setup process. Once completed, you’re ready to go!

DeepL Pro subscribers can link the software with their DeepL accounts to have the same benefits that they have come to enjoy. All 72 language combinations are supported in the integration, with new languages becoming available as soon as they are added to DeepL. Both the Windows and Mac versions can be downloaded for free here.