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At DeepL, we power global communication through cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions, including our core product, the DeepL Translator. Here on the DeepL Blog, we'll keep you updated on the latest developments in AI, our product offerings, and how we enable seamless communication—wherever people do business.

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How DeepL keeps your sensitive data secure: Exploring DeepL’s data protection strategy

The advances made in AI technology over the past few years have been astonishing, and there’s no doubt that AI will continue to evolve. However, to do so responsibly, proper data security and data privacy management must remain a top priority.  

A recent article from World Economic Forum underscores this issue, stating: “As AI models depend on data quality to deliver salient results, their continued existence hinges on privacy protection being integral to their design.” 

With AI’s diverse and growing application in the business world, companies that adopt AI need to be more informed than ever about proper data protection measures. 

In this post, we’ll discuss why DeepL Pro is the best option for both first-rate translation quality as well as the highest standards of data security and compliance for your company. 

Why is data security essential for your business in the age of AI? 

As a leading AI communication tool, DeepL provides high-quality AI translations for thousands of companies around the world to help them get ahead of the competition—but it's not just first-rate translations that set DeepL apart.  

Dr. Benedikt Kohn, an associate at the global law firm Taylor Wessing, explains—modern businesses must understand that “AI relies on the processing of huge amounts of data. And sometimes . . . even the most personal data.” To protect this sensitive information, data protection must be considered “first and foremost” when evaluating AI software. 

By providing customers with optimal data protection without sacrificing quality, DeepL has become the AI communication tool of choice for companies that want to streamline processes and gain a competitive edge in their industry. 

How does DeepL keep your data secure? 

To ensure top-notch data security, DeepL servers are controlled exclusively by DeepL SE and operated in ISO 27001-certified data centers with excellent security measures. DeepL does its utmost to protect its servers and ensure that no one can gain unauthorized access.   

Unlike in cloud-based environments, this setup guarantees that DeepL retains full control over all your data from start to finish. With this approach, your sensitive data can be securely processed via DeepL’s software. 

Additionally, all texts from Pro subscribers are deleted after translation—meaning they aren’t stored permanently but only for the duration of translation, then deleted. Plus, Pro subscribers’ texts are never used to train DeepL's AI models.  


An illustration of a completed DeepL translation being virtually “shredded” to represent data protection

As an EU-based company, DeepL complies with all GDPR regulations concerning: 

  • Data protection 

  • Data privacy 

  • The transfer of personal data  

Alongside GDPR compliance, DeepL Pro users also enjoy enterprise-level data security and state-of-the-art transport layer security (TLS) encrypted data transmissions. Moreover, DeepL's cipher suites—which are a set of algorithms that secure a network connection—are regularly reviewed and updated.  

To further assess the security of its infrastructure and applications, DeepL’s internal security team conducts regular penetration testing with the help of external specialists. All findings are followed up by DeepL’s compliance team to constantly increase the security of DeepL. This ensures only authorized users can access sensitive data and all personally identifiable information remains secure.  

Thanks to DeepL’s excellent data security, full GDPR compliance, and high-quality translations, companies can maximize productivity and reduce costs—all while maintaining the highest level of protection for their sensitive data. 

How reliable is DeepL, and who has access to your data? 

DeepL not only provides high-quality translations, but it also delivers extremely reliable service. All DeepL Pro services are redundant—meaning availability is ensured thanks to additional or alternate uplinks. They’re also protected by automatic failover mechanisms—a process which moves applications to standby servers in the case of a failure to preserve data availability. 

In plain terms, these safety features ensure trouble-free, consistent data availability from DeepL—which helps companies streamline their workflows and operate more efficiently. 

Whenever possible, DeepL avoids involving subcontractors—since it can be more difficult to maintain full visibility and control when third parties are involved in data processing. For example, DeepL recently moved the processing of PDF translation completely in-house, removing any third-party involvement. 

If deemed necessary, qualified subcontractors are carefully selected and audited according to ISO 27001 policies. This approach allows DeepL to retain tight control over who is accessing information—keeping your sensitive data out of the wrong hands. 

In a recent sit-down conversation for the DeepL AI Talks series, Dr. Axel Freiherr von dem Bussche, a partner at Taylor Wessing, touched on how DeepL's security measures protect data and benefit its customers, stating:  

“It’s really an advantage [that DeepL is] based out of Europe in that respect for us as lawyers. That makes many things more feasible. No data transfer out of the EU/EEA, [DeepL controlled] servers, no subcontractors—these are the typical hurdles we’re facing.” 

Why is proper data protection important to your company’s success? 

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the predicted global annual cost of cybercrime in 2023 alone will amount to $8 trillion USD (€7.29 trillion). This means that protecting data with proper data security measures, like those used by DeepL, is more important than ever before—and could play a vital role in your company's overall success. 

That’s also why, on the user’s side, DeepL adheres to the “principle of least privilege.” This means that Pro account admins can easily control all team members’ access levels. This approach allows admins to: 

  • Add/remove team members 

  • Set usage limits (e.g., document translation) 

  • Retain full control over critical subscription changes 

Knowing that the data protection measures in place will keep their sensitive information secure and encourage efficient usage, Pro users can integrate DeepL into their workflows with total confidence. 

Which top global companies rely on DeepL’s service? 

Industries that prioritize data protection, proper data management, and GDPR compliance routinely adopt DeepL Pro as their AI communication tool of choice.  

For this reason, many of DeepL’s customers are industry leaders who demand the highest levels of data protection alongside world-class quality, such as: 

In the words of Dr. Freiherr von dem Bussche from Taylor Wessing, with DeepL, companies benefit "from the German/EU gold standards" of data protection, which allow them to “roll out products globally more easily.” 

Additionally, since DeepL’s translation AI has been trained using official, public EU documents, it’s able to provide the highest quality outputs. This is especially important for certain industries—such as legal, manufacturing, and governmental organizations—where technical terminology can prove difficult to translate.  

What’s the bottom line? 

As AI continues to transform the way the world works, data protection must remain at the forefront of all decisions on how to responsibly adopt and integrate AI. DeepL strives to not only meet but exceed its users’ expectations with its data protection strategies and translation quality—and is committed to doing so as AI technology changes and develops in the years to come. 

Uniquely positioned to keep users’ sensitive information secure, DeepL is the best choice for privacy-conscious companies.  

If your business wants to benefit from DeepL’s first-rate translations and unparalleled data protection, you can learn more at DeepL Pro for Business.  


Blog header image featuring a stylized version of the DeepL UI with a high contrast white on black background color scheme, with a green translate button and yellow highlights for navigation buttons.

How it started vs. how it’s going: A fresh look at DeepL’s accessibility efforts

DeepL’s commitment to accessibility 

Accessibility is an integral part of how we develop and test products at DeepL. This year, we are celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 18 by looking back at our ongoing accessibility improvements and achievements at DeepL since our update last year, starting with our Accessibility Statement. While improving accessibility is a long-term process, we’ve made some significant strides, and our improvements will continue as our product offerings grow and mature. 

A holistic look at accessibility 

Accessibility is not only limited to how users interact with the final product or feature e.g. DeepL Translator for desktop, or our Android mobile app, but also in how and with whom we conduct testing. 

This past year, we continued to diversify our testing pool, working closely with visually impaired testers who use screen magnification technologies, alternative color schemes (this allows us to comply with certain operating systems, like Windows, where users can select between multiple themes with higher contrasts), and various screen readers. Furthermore, we made sure to include testers who were dependent on alternative navigation methods, like voice control software. We used the feedback from these tests to help improve readability and control when using DeepL products. 

Screenshot of the DeepL translator page in a high contrast colour scheme with black text on white background.
Screenshot of the DeepL translator page in a high contrast colour scheme with white text on black background and yellow and green text in key areas.

Consistent testing  

In addition to adding to our diverse tester pool, we’ve maintained a regular frequency of our tests. Since April 2022, we’ve conducted five tests per month, and we continue to use Fable Engage as our user testing platform. We highlighted this platform in our 2022 accessibility blog post, but we feel it’s worth reiterating what it does as well as the impact that it has on our users:  

Fable Engage enables teams to connect with people with disabilities remotely and on-demand to accelerate user research, design, and development. Feedback from accessibility testers provides invaluable information for companies looking to identify problems and to improve accessibility. 

Fable rates digital products using the Accessible Usability Scale (AUS). The score is calculated through a series of questions answered by accessibility testers, who assess sites on compatibility with accessibility technologies, complexity of site navigation, and ease of use without outside assistance. The AUS uses a 1–100 scale, with 100 as the top rating. 

Last year, our scores trended at 90 or higher. While the overall score fluctuates depending on our test results, we are proud to say that our score typically hovers around the same number. That said, when our score drops, it is a clear indicator that we still have room for improvement when it comes to both accessibility and usability. 

Getting it done: how we resolve accessibility issues at DeepL  

 What happens when accessibility issues are flagged to us? Our team treats them as bugs, and a ticket is created for each issue. It’s our goal to resolve these as quickly as possible, and we are proud to say that in the last 300 days, our engineering team solved 63 tickets related to accessibility.  

Working closely with several teams at DeepL, particularly with those who help develop and improve customer-facing products, we make accessibility a top priority, ensuring that we keep it top-of-mind for all teams at our organization. 

Graph plotting the number of created and resolved tickets related to accessibility over the last 300 days. In that time frame, 75 tickets were created and 59 were resolved.
Pie chart showing resolved issues per development team. Most tickets were resolved by the teams responsible for the website and native applications. Overall, more than 10 different teams are mentioned in the chart.

Praise for DeepL from our testers 

Although we are always aiming to improve our products, we also want to recognize the efforts of our team and highlight positive feedback from our testers. Here are a few quotes from a few people who enjoyed using our language selection tool when translating:  

"The DeepL Translator website is excellent to use and navigate around to locate different languages." 

"Truly wonderful! I absolutely enjoyed this request! I had no accessibility problems or issues." 

"I also found it to be enjoyable that you can also hear the translation if you so desire. This is so cool." 

"Since this is very accessible, this definitely gives blind people more independence. Once again, wonderful!" 

The full picture on testing  

At the time of the last blog post (April 2022), we were only testing the desktop web translator. Now, we’ve extended our testing to all other products to include: 

  • Mobile web page 

  • Windows and MacOS desktop apps 

  • iOS and Android mobile apps 

  • Browser extensions 

  • DeepL Help Center 

  • DeepL Write 

Not all are as accessible as the web app, but we continue to improve every year. 

It’s a marathon, not a sprint 

Accessibility is an integral part of our product development process and a quality criteria throughout all our teams. We are proud of how far we’ve come but promise to prioritize accessibility for all users as we move forward.  

If you ever have any feedback on our products, we’d love to hear from you. Thank you so much for continuing to use and help us improve our products and features each year.  

DeepL launches in-house PDF translation for improved security and efficiency

We’re happy to announce an important upgrade to our translation services. From now on, DeepL will handle all PDF translations in-house, without the help of third parties, using our privately operated servers based in Europe.  

This change comes in response to product feedback and our goal of providing you with the best possible translations while maintaining the highest security standards. By bringing the PDF translation process in-house, we’re able to do just that.  

When it comes to translating whole PDF files, you have two options: 

1. Translation of whole PDF files, keeping the formatting in place  

2. Translation of text extracted from PDF files without retaining the formatting  

Going forward, we’ll translate your PDFs—regardless of your account type or location—with the highest security standards on our European servers. And as always, you can expect DeepL’s translations to be consistently accurate and reliable.

Note: Whole PDF translation is possible using the web translator, DeepL API, and the DeepL desktop apps

To learn more about real-time PDF translation at DeepL, please visit our Help Center. 

Why AI translation is a must-have for legal firms with global colleagues and clients

Law firms working with international clients and colleagues must navigate language barriers, foreign laws, and cultural nuances. To address these challenges, legal teams are increasingly incorporating AI translation technology into their workflows to streamline legal translations, improve multilingual communication, and increase productivity. Thanks to major progress in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms, AI translation technology is more sophisticated than ever. DeepL Translator exemplifies this. With its precise, contextually relevant, and natural-sounding translations, DeepL Translator is a top choice among businesses worldwide—including those in the legal sector. The adoption of AI translation in the legal industry is part of a larger digital transformation trend. According to Gartner research, in-house legal departments will handle 50% of major corporate transaction work using NLP and ML technologies by 2024. By 2025, they’re expected to triple their spending on legal technology, which makes sense as AI can reduce workloads for lawyers by up to 90%. In this post, we’ll explore how legal teams can leverage DeepL Pro—an industry-leading suite of AI translation tools—to overcome language barriers, deliver better legal services, and drive business success. Translate legal documents quickly, accurately, and at scale DeepL Pro provides a fast, cost-effective, and highly accurate solution for teams in need of convenience translations that are non-binding. Trained on millions of translated texts, including public European Union (EU) legal documents, DeepL Translator’s neural network technology can understand complex, nuanced texts and translate them with precision.

Illustration of four legal documents aligned side-by-side. From left to right they become progressively larger. Each document has non-descript text on it as the illustrations are meant to be general representations of legal documents and not specific to any one country or locale.

Additionally, DeepL Pro offers a scalable solution for translating entire documents, including PDFs, Word files, and PowerPoint presentations, while preserving the original formatting, images, and fonts. This feature makes DeepL an ideal choice for law firms and lawyers that need to get legal translations done quickly and efficiently. Stay compliant with data privacy laws DeepL recognizes the necessity of client confidentiality and data privacy in the legal industry and takes great care to ensure both through state-of-the-art security measures. Data encryption safeguards against unauthorized access, and translations are deleted immediately after completion. Compliant with strict standards like the EU's GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), DeepL also offers business customers a DPA (Data Processing Agreement) upon request. According to Dr. Anna Zeiter, LL.M., CIPM, CIPP/E, Associate General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer at eBay, this is a level of protection law firms and lawyers should expect from their technology providers:

“Data protection is a critical issue regarding AI communication technologies and their adoption by global business players, employing thousands of people and serving millions of users. As AI-powered systems are increasingly used to collect and process vast amounts of personal data, we need to ensure that AI providers take appropriate measures to protect the privacy of their customers.”

Overcome language differences with multilingual clients As global mobility increases and countries become more diverse, lawyers can expect to serve more multilingual clients and meet more language barriers. In the US, the American Bar Association (ABA) guides lawyers when encountering language access issues, suggesting either an interpreter or technological assistance to fulfill professional obligations and enable informed client decisions. The ABA states that once clients face a language access issue, lawyers must decide whether an interpreter or technological assistance is necessary to fulfill their professional obligations and ensure that clients can make informed decisions. They also note that “the availability of assistive and translation technologies is another example of the ever-increasing impact of technology on the practice of law and underscores the duty of lawyers to develop an understanding of relevant technology.” DeepL Pro effectively bridges language gaps for lawyers and clients by offering fast, accurate translations across platforms, including web translators, apps, browser extensions, and an API. Integrations with applications like Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Google Docs facilitate seamless communication, enabling lawyers to provide top-tier services to multilingual clients. Maintain consistency when translating legal terminology DeepL's glossary feature is a game-changer for legal teams because it lets them create and manage their own legal terminology database. This makes sure translations stay consistent by customizing and standardizing how specific words and phrases are translated.

Illustration of three legal documents and a drop down menu for a mock AI translator with various languages.

Plus, these glossaries can be shared with coworkers, teams, or even the whole company. Whether it's for a small project or something bigger, shared glossaries help keep legal translations top-notch and prevent problems that can arise from mistakes and oversights. Simplify international legal research International law is complex. It deals with diverse legal systems and cultures and is constantly evolving to address new global issues. To practice it effectively, it’s important to stay informed through ongoing research. AI translation is the perfect aid according to Dr. Axel Freiherr von dem Bussche, LL.M. (L.S.E.), CIPP/E, Partner at Taylor Wessing:

“Using AI and technology-enabled tools in the legal sector is becoming increasingly important to remain competitive and improve efficiency. These tools can assist lawyers with legal research, document review, and contract analysis and translation, freeing up time for more complex and strategic work.”

With features like whole document translation and glossaries, DeepL Pro streamlines international law research, enabling lawyers to translate foreign legal texts accurately and quickly. This reduces the need for manual translations, which can be time-consuming and tedious, and allows for more strategic work. The bottom line AI translation technology is transforming the legal sector. Law firms that collaborate with colleagues and clients from across the world are more empowered than ever to overcome language differences and work across cultures. Those that embrace AI translation technology now will be able to provide their clients with the best possible legal representation, surpass competitors that were resistant to digital transformation, and become industry leaders. Learn how your law organization can leverage DeepL Pro for global expansion, and about the opportunities and risks of AI in global communications. Download our recent webinar, Data Privacy and AI: Scaling Your Business Safely in the Global Market.

Glossaries: An efficient and cost-effective way to stay consistent

Back in May 2022, we explored how to create glossary entries to ensure that words and phrases are always translated your preferred way. So far in 2023, we’ve leveled up this feature with shared glossaries and the implementation of 28 glossary language combinations between English, Spanish, German, Japanese, French, Italian, Polish, and Dutch.  Here we’ll explore how the glossary feature's latest improvements can specifically help businesses grow their enterprise, consolidate internal and external communication, and increase team productivity.

Why should businesses use translation glossaries?

Glossaries ensure consistency in messaging across multiple languages. For multinational companies, standardizing things such as technical terminology, product names, or product documentation keeps everyone—clients, customers, and team members—on the same page. This also helps to reduce cost and time lost with manual editing. 

We’ve recently introduced shared glossaries for users with a DeepL Pro for Business subscription. This means team members can create their own glossaries and then share those with other colleagues or their entire team—increasing collaboration and translation efficiency all at once.

How can you create effective glossaries?

Glossaries help ensure translation consistency by tailoring and standardizing the output of specific words and phrases. To create an effective DeepL glossary for your team, it is essential to consistently update it with the latest company terminologies. This involves adding entries for new products and services or removing or amending entries when they are discontinued. By doing so, you can ensure that your translations are always up to date and minimize having to manually edit internal and external communications. When team members use the shared glossaries feature, they can all access the same pre-defined entries. This guarantees that everyone translates specific words and phrases uniformly, regardless of who is doing the translation.

The glossary UI depicts an entry for Legal Teams with the source text as English and the target text as German. The English acronym "GDPR" is then set to always translate to DSGVO in German. On the top right a cursor toggles the button "Share with team" so colleagues can use this same entry as well.

How can you use glossary with DeepL products?

The glossary feature can be used as a part of a subscription plan (Starter, Advanced, or Ultimate) as well as with the DeepL API.  

With a subscription plan you can:

  • Use glossaries for text translation on the web translator and desktop apps 

  • Apply glossary specifications to document translations in the desktop app—which preserves the original formatting 

With the API you can:

  • Standardize translations across your website  

  • Integrate glossary specifications into your company’s internal tools and platforms 

How global companies leverage glossaries

Global companies use DeepL glossary to ensure consistency throughout their communication. For example, Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s national railway company—and the largest railway operator in Europe—uses the DeepL glossary feature to maintain translation consistency for its 320,000 employees worldwide. This is especially important for train conductors and station employees who must communicate across languages for safety and scheduling purposes. 

Glossary is also highly used by organizations in the legal industry, where translation errors and inconsistencies can have immense consequences. DeepL's AI is consistently trained using official EU documents, allowing it to accurately translate intricate linguistic nuances in complex legal texts.

Glossary and your organization

Maintaining consistent messaging helps keep growing teams on the same page. It also ensures that prospective customers develop a clear understanding of your business and how you can alleviate their pain points. If you'd like to refine your company's messaging using DeepL Pro, get in touch with our Sales team. You can also learn more about the glossary feature in our Help Center.

DeepL for Windows app is now available in Microsoft Store

We’re pleased to announce that the DeepL for Windows app is officially available for download in the Microsoft Store—allowing even more people to benefit from our powerful desktop apps.

Once downloaded, our DeepL for Windows app is integrated directly into your computer's operating system—making it the easiest and fastest way to use DeepL. A seamless experience from start to finish, it provides access to DeepL translations anywhere and everywhere you need them on your desktop.

How can our DeepL for Windows app help streamline your workflow?

  • Enjoy more flexibility – translate directly while you write—in any app or tool that supports editing—with our Ctrl+Win+C shortcut

  • Avoid extra work – with a Pro subscription, you can save your favorite translations for easy access, or pause translations and return to them later

  • Spend less time translating – with shortcuts like Ctrl+C+C, you can paste text directly into the Desktop App, eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth

image of DeepL Translator translating German text to English with Ctrl+C+C feature

Packed with time-saving features and unparalleled flexibility, our DeepL for Windows app makes translation simple and efficient—increasing productivity and reducing effort. 

From high-quality document translation to our much-loved customization capabilities—such as alternative translations and glossary entries—our Windows app allows you to integrate DeepL into your daily workflow with ease.

Additionally, you can use your DeepL Pro subscription in the DeepL for Windows app—meaning you’ll retain full access to all the Pro benefits you know and love. Check out our DeepL for Windows app page for more details or download directly from the Microsoft Store.

Image of Microsoft Badge on a yellow background linking to the DeepL listing in Microsoft Store

Navigating Québec's Bill 96: A guide for businesses

In May 2022, the government of Québec passed Bill 96, which amends the province’s Charter of the French Language, initially passed in 1977. Bill 96 is the latest in numerous amendments to the charter over the past 40-plus years and affects how businesses must conduct internal communication and serve customers. As of March 2023, the bill’s initial requirements are in effect, with further amendments to be enforced in the coming months and years.

What does Bill 96 mean for businesses operating in Québec?

Québec businesses will be expected to operate in French, internally and externally. Furthermore, businesses based outside of the province but who operate or transact with customers in Québec must provide services in French. While all businesses regardless of size must comply, businesses with more than 25 employees will need to submit formal documentation to the Office of the French Language for a compliance assessment.

Businesses will be required to communicate in French in the following contexts: 

  • Customer service and interaction 

  • Workplace communication 

  • Workplace tools, software, and internal documentation

Given these new legally binding language requirements, translation will become more important than ever in the coming years. Businesses that do not comply with the new requirements could face challenges in court. Montréal lawyer Antoine Aylwin outlines why compliance is especially important:

"Businesses should be aware of how Bill 96 will impact their operations. Companies must serve their Québec clients and customers in French, communicate with employees in French, and follow stricter hiring standards. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to understand and adhere to the new requirements to comply with Bill 96 and to be successful within Québec." - Antoine Aylwin (Partner, Co-leader, Privacy and Cybersecurity at Fasken

To ensure your organization can transition successfully, DeepL offers a full suite of AI-powered translation products designed to help your business translate as seamlessly and cost-efficiently as possible. How can DeepL help businesses in Québec?

DeepL is considered the world’s most accurate AI translator. According to blind tests, professional translators chose DeepL’s translations over those of our leading competitors by a factor of 3:1—with English<>French translations consistently chosen over competitors. DeepL also guarantees maximum data security and is trusted by government agencies and law firms around the globe who translate with DeepL while keeping their data safe.  Québec’s companies will now need multiple versions of their product documentation, and DeepL is the perfect solution for simple and efficient translation—able to translate web pages, product documentation, internal tools and software, user reviews, customer service information, and more. Teams can also use our glossary feature, allowing you to customize translations with product-and-industry-specific naming conventions—ensuring translations stay consistent with your business’ terminologies.

DeepL’s translation products 

Our Advanced and Ultimate subscriptions are the most efficient way for your team to access instant, cost-effective, and accurate translations across our web translator, desktop and mobile apps, and browser extensions. Subscriptions include unlimited text and enhanced document translation capability.     Subscriptions are useful to businesses based outside of Québec who are pursuing customers within Québec—team members can email clients, provide customer service, and send translated documents all in French. They are also particularly beneficial for French-speaking teams to communicate with multilingual clients outside of Québec.   DeepL API provides an automated solution to website translation across all pages. The advanced neural networks that power DeepL’s technology mean these translations capture the nuance and context of your industry and product line. The API provides instant site translations crucial to conveying product and customer review information to potential clients. What customers are saying about DeepL DeepL's business customers in Québec are adequately prepared for the changes to the law—able to translate their internal documents, employee communication, and customer interactions with accuracy and speed. 

Users from around the globe use DeepL to translate from English to French and vice versa—and agree that the quality makes their day-to-day tasks more manageable. 

With DeepL Pro, I can translate entire documents that I have created in German directly into the languages that I mainly work with (French, English) . . . DeepL Pro is very practical and provides good translations with alternative variants. DeepL Pro makes my work much easier. - DeepL Pro for Business user, Switzerland

Want to ensure Bill 96 compliance for your organization? Contact our Sales team to learn more about how DeepL can help your organization navigate this transition. 

Welcome Korean and Norwegian (bokmål)!

Our team is excited to say “환영합니다” and “Velkommen” to our Korean- and Norwegian (bokmål)-speaking users!

Korean and Norwegian (bokmål) are now available on the web translator, desktop and mobile apps, Chrome and Edge browser extensions, and the DeepL API. With these additions, we hope to reach over 80 million native speakers, as well as many more additional users from Europe, Asia, and all over the world. 

We are continuing to expand our language availability so users can communicate with friends and family abroad, write emails to colleagues—or even expand their businesses to new markets. Every new language release helps to break down communication barriers for people all over the globe.    As always, our dedicated team of engineers, researchers, and language experts conducted quality assurance checks to ensure high-quality translations. 

Try out our new Korean and Norwegian (bokmål) translation now!

Say it right with DeepL Write: Introducing our new AI writing companion

The beta version of DeepL Write, our newly minted AI writing companion, is free and available for anyone to use! What is DeepL Write? DeepL Write is an AI writing tool that improves written communication in both English and German. Write tackles more than just grammar—it puts you in control of your writing by offering suggestions on phrasing, tone, style, and word choice. With so many options, you’ll never compromise your authentic voice.

Who can use DeepL Write?

DeepL Write offers something for everyone, regardless of language proficiency. Whether you need to fine-tune some phrasing in your native language or double-check accuracy in your second (or third!) language, you can use the tool to feel more confident in your writing.  Write is especially useful for professionals such as journalists, writers, or academics looking to boost their creativity through sentence, word, and rephrase suggestions. Multilingual teams in global companies can also use Write to draft clear and concise emails, campaign proposals, reports, and presentations for international clients. Why are we launching DeepL Write? Through conversations with loyal users of our translator, we found they often improve their writing by switching between source and target language—this gave us the idea to create a new tool exclusively to fine-tune written communication.  Similar to the translator, Write utilizes sophisticated neural network technology that captures the context and nuances of the original text to provide rephrasing suggestions and alternative word choices. Where can I use DeepL Write? DeepL Write is available on your desktop browser at DeepL.com/write and via the mobile website on your personal device. As DeepL Write is in the beta phase, we are constantly improving the tool to ensure accuracy in its suggestions.  DeepL Translator is already used by millions of people every single day. The addition of Write furthers our mission to build tools that help overcome communication barriers worldwide. 🌐

Questions? Check out our Help Center for more information!

Partnering for progress: DeepL’s latest funding round will fuel AI research and development

The first few days of 2023 have been exciting to say the least!    Just this week we announced our partnership with four new investors—all of which are major players in the tech and communications industry: IVP, Bessemer Venture Partners, Atomico, and WiL. We’re honored to join them in this investment partnership!

Since 2017, DeepL has changed the game of AI translation with its powerful neural network technology. This latest round of funding brings our company valuation to €1B—meaning we will accelerate our world-renowned research, develop new products, support the growth of our team, and further transform how people and organizations around the world communicate. “From the very beginning our goal has been to raise the standards of AI technology. We’ve consistently invested in researching and improving the advanced neural network technology that makes such accurate translations possible,” said Jarek Kutylowski, CEO and founder of DeepL. “We see this funding round as the next step in our journey to transform DeepL into a wider communications platform through new product offerings.”  We’d like to thank our investors for their support and confidence as we dive into this new era. Our new partners have invested in tech heavy-hitters such as Slack, Dropbox, Asana, and more—we're ready to join their growing list of successful ventures. 

This would not have been possible without our loyal customers and talented team members. Together we’re building a world without communication barriers. 

If you’re interested in joining our dynamic and growing team, check out our Careers page.