New languages: Russian and Portuguese!

Bom dia, друзья! You asked, we listened, and today we are extremely excited to give you what you’ve been looking for: Russian and Portuguese translation on DeepL Translator!

By serving these two massive language communities, DeepL can now provide half a billion more people with the world’s best AI translation technology. We are especially pleased that we can add these two major global languages with the same translation quality that has been the hallmark of DeepL since the very beginning.

In blind testing that compared our translations to those of other systems, DeepL’s Russian and Portuguese services consistently emerged as translators’ favorites. These results further confirm that DeepL can compete with, and outperform, established global players.

These definitely won’t be the last languages we add to DeepL Translator. The neural networks are constantly training to master further languages. DeepL remains the world leader in AI translation technology and we continue to have our sights set on further development.

Check out Portuguese and Russian on DeepL Translator and discover what these two fascinating languages have to offer.

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