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New document translation updates: Excel, editable .docx, and larger file size limits

What you need to know about our document translation updates: 

  • Excel is now a supported document for file translation 
  • Editable .docx files are available as a result of PDF file translation 
  • Advanced, Ultimate, and API Pro subscribers benefit from increased file allowances 

Great news for our file translation enthusiasts, we’ve added exciting new updates aimed at enhancing customization and providing even more options for a flawless translation experience. 

With these updates, our Advanced and Ultimate subscribers will be able to translate a wider range of files and maintain more control over their output. Before we dig into what’s new, let’s cover how DeepL’s file translation works. 

Secure, accurate document translation in one click 

With our file translation capabilities, you can easily and securely translate entire PDF, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, XLIFF, and text documents. All translated documents retain their original formatting, saving you time and effort in your daily workflows. 

Plus, as part of our commitment to the highest security standards, we handle all PDF translations in-house using our privately operated servers, meaning no third parties have access to your data.  

How easy is it to translate a document with DeepL? 

Translating documents with DeepL is as simple as it gets. Just follow these easy steps: 

1. Log in or create an account: Either log in to your existing account or create a new one. If you have a DeepL Pro subscription, you’ll benefit from more advanced file translation capabilities.*

2. Upload your document: Click Translate Files, then drag and drop your document into the translator window or select the file from your computer. 

3. Choose your desired target language: With 30+ languages to choose from, select the one that best suits your needs. 

4. Translate: Click the Translate button. 

5. Download: When the process is complete, simply download your translated document. 

That’s it, five steps to getting high-quality document translations in 30+ languages.

*Free accounts get 3 non-editable file translations per month. Paid subscriptions get editable file translations, with the monthly allowance dependent on the chosen plan. 

Increased control and better value: A deeper look at our new document translation updates 

illustration showing our translator for documents with an Excel doc being uploaded to our file translator

Whether you need to translate dozens of complex legal PDFs or a few simple Word documents, our file translation feature has you covered.  

So, what’s new? Quite a bit. 

More options: Welcome to the document translation lineup, Excel! 

That’s right—Excel has officially joined the ranks of DeepL’s document translation lineup for Advanced and Ultimate subscribers, with support for API Free and Pro users coming soon, too. 

As one of our most-requested file formats, we’re excited to now be able to support .xlsx files. Our aim is to make our document translation service more helpful and relevant for your multilingual workflows—whatever software you’re working with. 

After all, more file translation options mean greater end-user control, allowing you to better manage your processes. With the ability to translate Excel files alongside PDFs, PowerPoints, Word docs, and more, you can increase your—and your team’s—productivity and streamline your multilingual projects with ease.  

For more detailed information on the current setup and initial capabilities of Excel document translation, check out our Help Center

More customization: Download editable .docx files from PDF translations  

illustration showing a .docx files being downloaded from a PDF translation with our free online document translator

We’re always looking for ways to enhance the DeepL experience and put more control in the hands of our users. That’s why Advanced and Ultimate subscribers can now download editable .docx files as a result of PDF translations. 

Why .docx files, you ask? We’ve found that editable .docx files allow for more advanced customization—making it possible for users to manage their translation output and layout on a more detailed level. Choose between .docx or .pdf as your PDF translation output and better meet your team’s individual needs. 

More value: Increased file size limits for PDFs, Word docs, and PowerPoints 

Finally, we’re also increasing the file size limits for .pdf, .docx, and .pptx files for Advanced and Ultimate subscribers, as well as for API Pro subscribers. The changes are: 

  • Advanced:  
    • .pdf: 10 MB —> 20 MB 
  • Ultimate: 
    • .pdf: 10 MB —> 30 MB 
    • .docx: 20 MB —> 30 MB 
    • .pptx: 20 MB —> 30 MB  
  • API Pro: 
    • .pdf: 10 MB —> 30 MB 
    • .docx: 20 MB —> 30 MB 
    • .pptx: 20 MB —> 30 MB 

With these updates, Advanced, Ultimate, and API Pro subscribers will be able to quickly and accurately translate even larger files—providing additional value and allowing for more efficient daily work. 

Experience the DeepL difference 

Translating documents with DeepL has always been simple and effective. Now, it’s even better than before. By offering additional file options, more control, and increased utility, DeepL has you covered for all of your document translation needs. 

Interested in seeing how our document translation updates can improve your DeepL experience? Try out the new file translation updates today with your Advanced, Ultimate, or API plan—or consider upgrading.

*Subscribers with a Starter plan can compare and upgrade within the "Plan" tab of their DeepL account. 

But that’s not all. . . 

As if these amazing changes aren't exciting enough, we'll also be rolling out an edit mode for document translation in the next few weeks. Watch this space for a full update!