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DeepL API strengthens security and flexibility with multiple API keys

What you need to know about multiple API keys:

  • Allow for greater independence and flexibility for DeepL API users
  • Increase security for situations where an API key is compromised
  • Improves API user experience with no disruption to existing workflows

Have you ever wished for more than one API key for your DeepL API subscription? Well, wish granted! We’ve officially launched support for multiple API keys in DeepL API. 

Previously, DeepL API users were limited to a single API key for all their development workflows. But you asked for more—and we heard you. Keep reading to find out what this exciting update means for you and your team.

Why are multiple API keys important to have?

Illustration showing secure API keys and usage patterns in different colors


As one of our most-requested features, this launch provides your team with unprecedented flexibility and allows you to create independent keys for all your needs. 

Unlike a single API key being used for local, test, staging, and production environments, this update allows you to create individual keys for each environment. Now, it’s easy to keep each key completely independent. 

Usage insight

Does your organization have a number of software engineers, development teams, or even freelancers working with DeepL API? If so, you can assign each one their own specific API key. 


This update also has a big impact on security. In the unfortunate case that a key is compromised, you now have a solid safety net in place.

For example, when a single key is used in multiple workflows, there’s always a risk it could be accidentally shared with unauthorized users. With this new functionality, you can create multiple keys and remove them as needed. This causes little to no disruption to your existing workflows, keeping your developers and users happy.

But wait—what is an API key?

Illustration showing four new API keys for secure authorization

While many of you know exactly what an API key is, others may not be as familiar with the term. 

First, there’s the “API” part, which stands for application programming interface. An API is a type of software that allows two or more applications to communicate. Next, we have the “key”. In this context, the key is a code or unique identifier used to authorize a developer, user, or application.

Basically, without the key, you can’t access the API. 

Why are API keys important?

For companies that prioritize proper user authentication and security, it makes sense to use API keys. You don’t want just anyone to be able to access your API.

And as mentioned earlier, using multiple API keys is vital for flexibility, usage insight, and increased security. Think of it this way: having one security guard for your business is nice. But depending on its size and complexity, one security guard might not be enough. You need multiple.

In short, having multiple API keys allows your organization to: 

  • Foster greater independence and flexibility
  • Gather helpful usage insight 
  • Enhance API security 

Ready to streamline your workflows with multiple API keys?

Multiple API keys make a world of difference for busy, security-minded companies—and we’re so excited to share this update.

Head over to your DeepL account to start powering your integrations with multiple API keys today!