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DeepL Translator welcomes Arabic

What you need to know about DeepL’s latest language release:

  • We’ve added Arabic to the web translator, and the desktop and mobile apps—with further platform releases to come
  • Arabic is DeepL’s first language release written and read right-to-left
  • The launch of Arabic is poised to help millions of businesses standardize their communication and go global.

!مرحباً (Welcome!)

We’ve officially added Arabic to DeepL Translator. The 5th most spoken language in the world, Arabic has been one of our users’ most requested languages. This launch provides millions of companies in all industries, whose primary language is Arabic, with the opportunity to go global and standardize communication across borders.

While there are many spoken dialects across the Arab world, Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), or Fus’ha (اللغة العربية الفصحى), is the official written form of Arabic and is used in all official communication within governments, organizations, academia, literature, print and mass media, and law. Notably, Arabic is the first language DeepL has launched that is written and read from right-to-left—and represents a significant technical achievement in the development of the translator.

We've launched Arabic first on our web translator and mobile and desktop apps, with browser extensions and the API capability soon to follow. Document translation, formality options, and glossary capability will be released at a later date. We’ll also continue to localize our right-to-left UI for Arabic-speaking users. With this addition, we’re excited to open access to DeepL to more than 400 million Arabic speakers around the world. As always, DeepL’s development of neural network technology is leading the way in producing nuanced and natural-sounding translations.

Want to start translating in Arabic? Head over to DeepL Translator!