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Meet the future of South Korean business: DeepL Pro

What you need to know about DeepL Pro: 

  • DeepL Pro is now available in South Korea and provides access to unlimited text translation, more advanced document translation options, maximum data security, and team administration  
  • DeepL Pro’s AI translation can help your company expand to new markets and grow your business with confidence 
  • You can also use DeepL API Pro if you’d like to integrate our service directly into your website, apps, and more, for accurate and instant translation, multilingual communications, and localization 

We’re excited to announce that DeepL Pro is now officially available in South Korea. As a forward-thinking and tech-savvy country, South Korea has shown a strong demand for DeepL’s AI communication services—and we’re thrilled to soon become a part of many companies' global growth plans. 

It wasn’t too long ago that we welcomed Korean to DeepL’s supported languages. Since last January, we’ve seen impressive adoption and received positive feedback from the South Korean community.  

We’re pleased to see DeepL's seamless integration into users’ daily lives, and our free version will remain a great option for everyday use. However, DeepL Pro, our subscription service which provides access to additional features, is the ideal AI translation solution for businesses. 

So, how can DeepL Pro help your company grow? Let’s discuss. 

Connect with international clients and colleagues 

The AI-powered translation tool you know and trust isn’t just for everyday use. It will change the way you do business—for good—thanks to features like: 

  • Unlimited text translation: translate as much as you like without volume restrictions 
  • Advanced document translation options: translate whole PDF, Word, PowerPoint, text, or HTML files while preserving the original formatting. Your selected subscription gives you a designated number of editable file translations. (Starter: 5 per user/month, Advanced: 20 per user/month, and Ultimate: 100 per user/month) 
  • Maximum security: benefit from world-class data protection standards that protect your and your clients’ data 
  • Team administration: manage all your users in one place for easier, more regulated usage and team management 
  • Localization support: integrate DeepL Pro directly into your computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool and allow your localization team to benefit from DeepL’s accurate, nuanced translations 

These types of features not only save you time but also enable your organization to operate more efficiently and securely. From better collaboration to improved alignment to enhanced security, DeepL Pro is the ideal solution to foster meaningful relationships with international customers and colleagues.  

With our ongoing commitment to AI innovation, stay tuned for exciting new Korean language Pro features in the future, such as glossaries and other capabilities. 

Explore new global business opportunities 

illustration of three website interfaces showing an accurate korean translator with a blue hexagon outline behind

Taking your business global isn’t easy—especially when your teams need to communicate in multiple languages. Thankfully, this is one of the places where DeepL API Pro excels. 

When you need instant, high-quality translation at scale, DeepL API Pro is the answer. Integrating DeepL API Pro directly into your website, apps, and more, means it's much easier to connect with and grow your global customer base.  

DeepL API Pro is great for: 

  • Website translation: translate your entire website quickly and accurately to expand to new global markets 
  • Company communications: integrate DeepL API Pro into your company’s internal and external communication, such as Confluence and SharePoint, for high-quality communication 

DeepL API Pro provides your company with consistent, appropriate, and respectful communication—allowing you to explore new global business opportunities with confidence. 

What makes DeepL Pro the best translation solution for your business? 

As an AI translation tool, DeepL is powered by artificial neural networks and the very latest innovations in AI.  

Thanks to the quality of our network architecture and size, as well as our training data and methodology, our machine translation technology is able to produce incredibly accurate, linguistically nuanced translations that sound human. This means you can communicate with confidence, knowing that you sound natural and professional in DeepL’s 30+ languages. 

But it’s not just our unmatched accuracy that sets us apart—trust is extremely important at DeepL. Thus, businesses that use DeepL Pro can rest assured that their sensitive information is in good hands.  

To ensure the highest level of data security, we use state-of-the-art transport layer security (TLS) encrypted data transmission and house our servers in ISO 27001-certified data centers. Plus, all Pro texts are deleted after successful translation and are never used to train our AI.  

With DeepL Pro, your company benefits from accurate, secure, and efficient translations that will take your business to new heights. 

Grow confidently with DeepL Pro 

There’s always room for growth. But companies small, medium, and large looking to expand don’t necessarily have the right tools to get there. That’s where DeepL Pro comes in. 

As the go-to AI translation solution for businesses searching for a path to growth, DeepL Pro allows your company to extend its reach and global presence with high-quality translations and AI-powered accuracy.   

To find the plan that’s best for you or your team, visit the DeepL Pro page and get started today.