Welcome Korean and Norwegian (bokmål)!

Our team is excited to say “환영합니다” and “Velkommen” to our Korean- and Norwegian (bokmål)-speaking users!

Korean and Norwegian (bokmål) are now available on the web translator, desktop and mobile apps, Chrome and Edge browser extensions, and the DeepL API. With these additions, we hope to reach over 80 million native speakers, as well as many more additional users from Europe, Asia, and all over the world. 

We are continuing to expand our language availability so users can communicate with friends and family abroad, write emails to colleagues—or even expand their businesses to new markets. Every new language release helps to break down communication barriers for people all over the globe.    As always, our dedicated team of engineers, researchers, and language experts conducted quality assurance checks to ensure high-quality translations. 

Try out our new Korean and Norwegian (bokmål) translation now!