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Improve your company’s productivity, speed, and ROI with AI-powered document translation

What you need to know about AI-powered document translation: 

  • Machine translation plays a pivotal role in global business expansion, improving efficiency and streamlining multilingual communication 
  • High-quality document translation should be fast, easy, accurate, and secure 
  • AI-powered document and content translation can improve ROI in terms of cost and time 
  • Industry leaders such as Nikkei use DeepL to find success internationally  
  • Businesses should embrace AI translation technology to navigate the complexities of multilingual communication and get ahead 

In a rapidly expanding global economy, effective cross-cultural communication has become more important than ever. For many organizations, a document that used to exist in a singular language now has multilingual requirements. Not fulfilling these requirements has consequences—namely, slower global growth, lower customer satisfaction, and decreased reach. 

However, thanks to the increasing use of AI-powered translation software, companies are meeting these challenges head on and experiencing a new era of productivity, speed, and efficiency for document translation. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the integral role of machine translation in global business expansion. Then, we’ll explain why AI translation tools like DeepL are the go-to solution for global companies looking to boost efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve return on investment (ROI). 

How important is machine translation to global expansion? 

For businesses, the benefits of machine translation are far-reaching. Organizations across countless industries are recognizing the important role machine translation plays in everything from internal communications to localization strategies to document translation.  

With automotive, healthcare, IT, and legal industries leading the way, AI-powered translation tools are spearheading international growth. According to a recent market forecast from Acumen Research and Consulting, machine translation will see a steady increase in use over the next eight years, with a key driver being new demand for multilingual communication.  

From technical information to customer communications, AI is reshaping the translation landscape. In fact, the European Language Industry Survey 2022 found that more than 70% of independent language professionals in Europe report using machine translation to some extent, demonstrating the technology's expanding footprint.  

Clearly, machine translation plays a vital role in organizations’ global expansion plans. But what are companies looking for when choosing an AI translation solution? Let’s discuss. 

What matters most for AI translation tools? 

When searching for a solution to their document translation needs, quality remains a critical factor for companies. In this regard, highly-trained AI shines.  

According to a recent survey from Unbabel, 83% of marketers using machine translation in their localization strategies expressed confidence in the quality of the translations. Furthermore, the highest quality translations were found in content with heavy documentation and technical terms—especially in sectors such as computer software, legal services, and telecommunications.  

This indicates that AI-powered solutions like DeepL possess real potential to improve translation accuracy and speed in these, and other, industries. This, in turn, will allow international companies to grow and expand more efficiently. 

Which document translation capabilities are the most important? 

an illustration of DeepL UI showing how it can translate documents like PDFs

When it comes to document translation, there are a few features and capabilities you should be on the lookout for. First, there’s speed and ease. 

Here, DeepL excels by providing an easy-to-use, real-time online document translator. With DeepL Pro, you can transform your PDFs, Word Docs, PPTs, and more into 30+ languages with a single click—all while preserving their original format. 

Next, there’s accuracy and security. Be it internal reports, legal contracts, user manuals, or any other business document, DeepL’s AI-powered translation is an accurate, high-quality solution that prioritizes data security

With state-of-the-art transport layer security (TLS) encrypted data transmissions and a completely in-house PDF translation process, you and your team can rest assured that your translated documents are both accurate and secure.  

DeepL’s document translation feature helps foster meaningful communication between colleagues, teams, and offices, regardless of their language skills. And with the ability to translate documents at scale with DeepL Pro, you can ensure everyone is on the same page. 

How can AI document translation improve ROI? 

Return on investment can be a tricky metric to track with 100% accuracy. However, it’s still an important calculation to take into account when evaluating the relative efficacy and success of different projects.  

Here, AI translation solutions can improve companies’ ROI—not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of time.  

Whether you need to translate a document from German to English or French to Japanese, an AI translation tool’s ability to perform real-time translations is a game changer. Often, it eliminates the need for multiple revisions and ensures that companies can communicate effectively cross-culturally. 

In the race to expand globally, companies can and should rely on AI tools to translate large volumes of text and complex documents—making the process efficient and less daunting. So, which companies are already using DeepL to go global? We’ll cover that next.

How Nikkei uses DeepL’s AI translation to get ahead

an illustration of a translated document showing various document formats

At DeepL, we’re honored to support global leaders in important industries such as media with our AI-powered translations.  

Let’s take a look at how Nikkei uses DeepL Pro to get a leg up on the competition. 

Nikkei: Translating media and news reports in Japan and around the world

For Japan’s premier news media company, Nikkei, AI translation is more than just a tool—it's a critical part of the organization’s workflow. As the world’s largest provider of business news, Nikkei reaches a readership that spans the globe.  

With publications such as Nikkei Asia and the Financial Times, Nikkei’s content is consumed by thousands of global leaders in economics and finance. 

Given the nature of its work in the media sector, Nikkei deals with a high volume of content that needs to be made available to a global audience. In order to share news and reports quickly and accurately, Nikkei needed an AI document and content translation solution like DeepL. 

Using DeepL’s AI-powered translation, Nikkei is able to distribute information faster, keeping its audience informed in real time. Whether it's news reports or research papers, AI translation has significantly increased the speed at which Nikkei can serve its global readership. 

Additionally, DeepL is one-fifth of the cost to Nikkei’s previous translation system and is more accurate—which has allowed Nikkei to work more efficiently and save on operating costs. 

Read the full case study for even more insights into how Nikkei uses DeepL.

Ready to power your company with AI document translations? 

For companies looking to grow on a global scale, seamless multilingual communication is a requirement. Thankfully, AI translation tools like DeepL provide the accuracy, speed, and security international organizations need to expand quickly and intelligently. 

AI translation solutions like DeepL are a valuable tool in our increasingly globalized world, and businesses should embrace this technology to navigate the complexities of multilingual communication and stay ahead in the competitive global marketplace. 

To learn more about how DeepL’s AI document translations can support your company’s growth plans, visit DeepL Pro for Business.