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Translate anytime, anywhere with DeepL for Android

DeepL Translate for Android is now live, bringing best-in-class, on-the-go translation to millions more users worldwide. Joining its iOS counterpart, DeepL for Android maintains the accuracy users enjoy on our web translator and desktop apps.

The Android operating system currently holds the largest global market share, making the app an important step in bringing DeepL further into the world. Android is consistently one of our top Help Center inquiries—and when our users ask, we listen.

App features 

DeepL for Android automatically detects the source language, and you can choose from one of 26 target languages. The translation populates as you type, making access to information instantaneous. Copy your translations with the Copy icon below the translation window.

Screenshot of how the app looks in light mode, with a white background.

You can also see additional suggestions for short sentences. Once you type a short sentence in your source language, you will see the alternatives populate under the translation window.

An exciting new feature of the Android app is OCR (optical character recognition) capability. Select the camera icon and take a picture of the text you wish to translate. DeepL will automatically identify the source language and translate it into your target language. The OCR feature is perfect for those restaurant menus you encounter on holiday! 

Translate your voice to the language of your choice. Simply tap on the microphone icon and begin talking—the speech-to-text feature allows you to translate your own words to one of 24 target languages and 2 locales.

Select camera to take a photo of text. Select speaker to talk into the microphone to translate your words.

Want to practice pronunciation in your target language? By clicking the Speaker icon below the text, the text-to-speech feature reads the translation back to you. You can also share your translations to external apps via the Share icon. 

Bottom of screenshot with circled share icon and speaker icon.

The new Android extension also offers Favorite translations. You can save frequent translations and easily access old translations to work on or to master as you learn a new language.

Screenshot of various favorite translations that you can save in the app.

In addition, you can share text from external apps to DeepL itself, allowing you to translate sentences from web pages or emails. In an external app, highlight the desired sentence, long press, choose either DeepL or Share, and select DeepL. It will then take you straight to the app with the translation completed. 

You can also enable dark mode in your phone settings to avoid eye strain and battery drain.

Screenshot of how the app looks in dark mode, with a black background.

New features, including DeepL Pro login capability, are coming soon! Join millions of users already translating on the go by downloading DeepL for Android. If you have any questions about the app, check out our Help Center.