DeepL Pro expands global reach to 165 new markets

What you need to know about DeepL Pro’s expansion:

  • With this rollout, DeepL Pro is now available in 228 global markets—further establishing DeepL as the international leader in Language AI solutions

  • Businesses and professionals alike can leverage DeepL Pro’s features and capabilities to streamline global communication

  • Providing maximum data security, unlimited usage, and more, DeepL Pro is the smart choice for businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition 

We’re excited to announce an unprecedented expansion of our DeepL Pro service into 165 new markets. This rollout will allow millions more businesses and professionals to access DeepL Pro's highly accurate, secure AI translations—helping them communicate with efficacy and impact on a global scale.

Read on to learn more about this expansion, or visit our DeepL Pro page for more information on our plans and pricing.

Which markets are included in DeepL Pro's expansion?

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With our rollout to 165 new markets, the total number of markets where DeepL Pro is available now reaches 228. This strategic expansion is a testament to our unwavering commitment to breaking down language barriers and empowering businesses around the world to streamline their multilingual communication.

With DeepL Pro now available in countries spanning Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, Oceania, and Antarctic territories, users can leverage the power of our accurate, secure AI translation like never before.

The latest rollout includes:

  • 48 markets in Africa

  • 33 markets in Asia

  • 32 markets in North America

  • 24 markets in Oceania

  • 18 markets in Europe

  • 6 markets in South America

  • 4 markets in the Antarctic region

Many of these new markets have already seen significant adoption of our free services, including:

  • Algeria 

  • Bolivia

  • Cambodia

  • Guatemala

  • Honduras

  • Kazakhstan

  • Laos

  • Nigeria

  • Uzbekistan

  • Venezuela

This strong demand for our technology further underscores DeepL’s potential for continued growth and success in these regions. With that in mind, we remain committed to expanding our global reach even further—with plans to introduce DeepL Pro to additional markets in the future.

What are the business benefits of DeepL Pro?

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DeepL Pro offers a wide range of benefits to help our users make the most out of their subscriptions. Pro users benefit from advanced features, such as:

  • Maximum data security: DeepL Pro places data security at the forefront, with strict measures in place to protect sensitive information. Our Pro service is fully compliant with the most rigorous data protection laws, such as GDPR, and Pro user data is never used as AI training data

  • Unlimited usage: offering unlimited text translation with DeepL Translator Pro and unlimited writing suggestions with DeepL Write Pro, users can communicate seamlessly across languages with no restrictions. 

  • Increased document translation capacity: users can translate a larger number of documents with bigger file sizes, while still maintaining the original formatting

  • Greater customization: DeepL Pro offers a host of customization options, allowing users to fine-tune their translation experience. For example, users can create and maintain custom glossaries to ensure consistent terminology and brand messaging

  • DeepL API integration: with a DeepL API subscription, users can integrate DeepL's cutting-edge translation capabilities seamlessly into their applications and software

Ready to streamline global communication with DeepL Pro?

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