DeepL's commitment to accessibility

DeepL’s mission is to break down language barriers worldwide. This mission is only possible when we remove barriers to accurate AI translation, which is why accessibility is at the forefront of our product development. We strive to make our products accessible for users regardless of physical, visual, hearing, or cognitive impairments.

Improving accessibility is a long-term process, and we’ve made some significant strides. These improvements will continue as our product offerings grow and mature.

Our accessibility efforts

Accessibility is a core tenet of DeepL’s product development. We’ve made the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 – Level AA an integral part of our decision-making process.

Core considerations

1. Ensure products are compatible with screen readers and other assistive technologies

2. Publish legible texts with sufficient color contrast and font size

3. Design for multiple methods of interaction, including speech-to-text and keyboard operability

We evaluate our product accessibility as a regular part of our development process. We’ve partnered with Fable to conduct user tests with people who use assistive technologies in their daily lives. These partnerships are integral to building products that users of all abilities can access.

Help us improve our accessibility

We want to continue this conversation with users to ensure we are providing accessible digital products. If you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to share your thoughts, contact us at [email protected].

For more information on DeepL’s products and to get assistance from our Support team, check out our Help Center.