DeepL Write: your AI-powered writing assistant now speaks French and Spanish

What you need to know about these exciting additions to DeepL Write:

  • New languages alert: DeepL Write's language capabilities now include French and Spanish

  • Power-up your comms with AI: improve your global business communication with AI writing suggestions

  • Elevate writing with trusted AI: enhance content creativity and clarity with DeepL's secure AI

Effective communication is a key ingredient to global business growth and success. In fact, 66% of people say they've stopped patronizing a company and switched to a competitor due to poor business communication.

What you say matters—especially when customers and partners are involved. But writing with creativity, clarity, and precision isn't always easy. That's where DeepL Write steps in.

Powered by generative Language AI, our writing assistant inspires companies to think and write differently—now in even more languages. With French and Spanish joining the DeepL Write line-up, more businesses around the world can leverage our AI writing assistant to develop better ideas, craft better content, and improve business communication.

Whether you're writing emails or crafting business proposals, DeepL Write equips your teams with the tools they need to unlock their full potential. Keep reading to learn more about DeepL Write's language expansion.

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Write with confidence in French and Spanish

Illustration of Write UI showing an example correcting spelling mistakes for great writing in French and Spanish

The addition of French and Spanish to DeepL Write marks a major milestone in our journey towards empowering businesses around the world to communicate with impact.

French and Spanish are two essential, widely-spoken languages in the business world. According to L'organisation internationale de la Francophonie, there were an estimated 321 million French speakers worldwide in 2022, which was a 7% increase from 2018. And for Spanish, Instituto Cervantes reported that almost 493 million people spoke Spanish as their native language in 2021—making it the second native language in the world by number of speakers.

Connecting with these millions of potential customers just got a whole lot easier thanks to DeepL Write. Your teams can now communicate with new-found confidence in French and Spanish. 

So, whether they're drafting a message to a prospective client, writing a comprehensive report, or chatting with customers—they'll always find the right words.

Write like a native-speaker: AI-powered suggestions

illustration showing a sentence with spelling mistakes getting correct spelling via our grammar check

With DeepL Write's AI suggestions, your teams can now improve their communication in French and Spanish. Offering comprehensive, context-specific writing suggestions, DeepL Write helps your company craft clear, error-free content.

​​More than just a grammar checker, DeepL Write understands the context of your writing and provides suggestions that improve clarity, conciseness, and overall readability. No matter what your content needs are, DeepL Write can help your company refine its message to achieve the desired impact.

Real-time, smart corrections for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors allow your teams to easily refine their communication. AI suggestions for word alternatives elevate writing with a few clicks.

Seamlessly integrate into your workflows

Illustration showing DeepL Write's integrations to check grammar and improve productivity

DeepL Write is engineered to integrate seamlessly with your teams' existing workflows. Whether it's the Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, DeepL Write is your intuitive companion for elevated writing—wherever you work.

Easily access our AI writing suggestions and corrections without ever leaving your preferred writing environment. Simply select the text you want to improve, and DeepL Write will provide real-time feedback and suggestions.

DeepL Write is also available via our browser extension, allowing your company to improve your writing on-the-go. No matter where your teams like to work, DeepL Write is ready to help.

Coming soon: top-notch customization with LLM-powered styles and tones

Powered by DeepL's own LLMs, we’ll soon release styles and tones for DeepL Write in French and Spanish. Using our AI writing styles (Business, Academic, Simple, and Casual) and tones (Friendly, Diplomatic, Confident, and Enthusiastic) your company can craft clear, concise content that leaves a lasting impression—while adapting your teams’ writing to suit both your audience and goals.

Additionally, alongside word alternatives, we’ll be adding sentence alternatives options for French and Spanish.

With DeepL Write as your creative companion, you can take your company's writing to the next level—opening up new markets and opportunities with ease.

What's next for DeepL Write?

At DeepL, we're constantly driving innovation. Expanding DeepL Write's supported languages is a key initiative, as we aim to facilitate effective writing across as many languages as possible. Beyond French and Spanish, we're working hard to introduce support for additional languages later this year—with Italian and Portuguese next on our roadmap.

Also, we're enhancing the sophistication of our AI writing suggestions and working on additional capabilities to support better content creation. These improvements will allow us to empower businesses around the world to unlock even better writing.

And for companies that are interested in unlimited AI suggestions and advanced security, we recommend exploring DeepL Write Pro. To see how DeepL Write Pro empowers businesses everywhere to think—and communicate—differently in English, German, French, and Spanish, check out our DeepL Write Pro page.