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DeepL Translator now offers both American and British English!

DeepL has now made it easier to get English translations in your preferred style! DeepL Translator can now produce translations that reflect the particularities of American and British English.

Variations in spelling are covered: American neighbors become British neighbours, and they can call each other on their cell phones or on their mobile phones, depending on your preference.

Similarly, terms that have completely different equivalents across the pond are also taken into account. American cookies become British biscuits. That is, of course, unless they’re on your web browser.

This expanded control over DeepL Translator enables you to more quickly get translations that respect the language conventions that you prefer. To set the language variety you would like, simply select either “English (American)” or “English (British)” as the target language.

American and British English are now available as target languages on, via the DeepL API, and in our desktop applications, DeepL for Windows and DeepL for Mac. Combining this feature with other features, such as the Glossary, allows you to take full control of the English texts DeepL Translator produces for you.

*Please note that these two language variants are not currently available for translations from Japanese and Chinese. These two source languages will be added in the near future.