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Introducing the DeepL API

Last August, we launched DeepL Translator, a new milestone in machine translation. Since then, hundreds of translators, companies, and developers have approached us with ideas to build great new products on top of this translation technology.

Today, we are introducing the DeepL API as part of DeepL Pro. Put simply, the DeepL API is an interface that allows other computer programs to send texts to our servers and receive high-quality translations. This opens a whole universe of opportunities for developers worldwide. Any translation product you can imagine can now be built on top of DeepL's superior translation technology. A few examples:

  • Live translation apps. Recently, tech giants and smaller startups alike have announced the development of earbuds that translate in real time, but can only deliver the quality of traditional translation tools. The new DeepL API allows developers to build live translators with DeepL's translation technology, making far fewer mistakes.
  • Augmented reality translations. Point your mobile phone camera at a sign and get the right translation. Such an app could be built by any developer with a DeepL Pro subscription.
  • Operating systems. With our technology, you can translate directly in your browser, chat program, email client, or word processor.
  • Internal communications. Large corporations can integrate our translation technology into their communication systems. They can then get high-quality translations on the fly with our data protection guarantee, ensuring the confidentiality of their information.
  • Computer-assisted translation. Leading translation tool provider SDL already allows for the integration of the DeepL API into SDL Trados Suite 2017. Every translator can now benefit from DeepL's incredible neural translations within their favorite translation tool.

Elegantly integrated, high-quality translations will become the new standard. We cannot wait to see the incredible products created by developers who share our vision of a more closely connected world in which language is no longer a barrier.