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Best-in-class quality

Build your products and applications with DeepL’s unbeatable translation accuracy and quality.

Document translation

Translate entire Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx), Excel (.xlsx), PDF (.pdf), text (.txt), and HTML (.html) files.

Advanced data securityPRO

Enjoy world-leading data protection standards and deletion of your texts immediately after translation.


Choose the tone of your translations for languages with formal/informal pronouns.

Language detection

Benefit from DeepL API’s language detection, which automatically detects unknown source languages.

Monthly cost controlPRO

Easily limit your maximum monthly usage-based costs with monthly cost control.

Handling XML

Simply translate text that contains XML markup. For more information, check out our API documentation.

API documentation

Access our API documentation at any time to learn more about how the API works.


Specify how words and phrases are translated by creating your own Glossary.

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See how it works

Here’s a basic request translating, “Hello, world!” For more information on how our API works, take a look at our documentation.
POST /v2/translate
Example Request
curl -X POST '' \ --header 'Authorization: DeepL-Auth-Key [yourAuthKey]' \ --data-urlencode 'text=Hello, world!' \ --data-urlencode 'target_lang=DE'
Example Response
{ "translations": [ { "detected_source_language": "EN", "text": "Hallo, Welt!" } ] }

API use cases: the possibilities are endless

Internal communications

Large corporations can integrate our translation technology into their communication systems. They can then get high-quality translations on the fly with our data protection guarantee ensuring the confidentiality of their information.

Computer-assisted translation

Leading translation tool providers have enabled DeepL's translations to be integrated into their software. Every translator can now benefit from DeepL's incredible neural translations within their favorite translation tool.

Live translation apps

Recently, tech giants and smaller startups alike have announced the development of earbuds that translate in real time, but can only deliver the quality of traditional translation tools. The new DeepL API allows developers to build live translators with DeepL's translation technology, making far fewer mistakes.

Augmented reality translations

Point your mobile phone camera at a sign and get the right translation. Such an app could be built by any developer with a DeepL API subscription.

Operating systems

Translate directly in your browser, chat program, email client, or word processor, as soon as the developers have integrated our technology.

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