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Translate web pages and writing tasks with the DeepL for Chrome extension.

Translate the web with DeepL for Chrome

We are excited to announce that the DeepL for Chrome extension is now live, bringing the quality of our web translator and desktop apps to your browser. Whether you are corresponding with clients abroad or conducting multilingual research, you can enjoy any page in your own language without ever leaving Chrome.

The Chrome extension offers three important tools for you as you browse the web:

  • Translate while you write 
  • Translate sections of text 
  • Translate full pages 

As a free or Pro user, you can efficiently translate your writing by choosing your target language in the extension settings. Click the DeepL icon next to your text or paragraph for an instant translation.

A sample email with the subject line "Hi team, thank you for a product meeting today!" to the right you can click on the translate icon to translate this email to a different language.

Free users can translate selected texts while browsing the web. Highlight the desired section and instantly translate it into your desired language.

On the DeepL website, the text "The World's Best Machine Translation" is highlight, and the Chrome Extension icon pops up, which depicts the sentence translated to German.

Once you highlight the text, the DeepL icon will appear. Choose your desired language to see the translation.Show more will open the web translator in a new tab.

DeepL Pro users also enjoy full-page translation. Simply log in to your DeepL Pro account on the extension and set all or specific sites to instant translation. As with our web translator and desktop apps, Pro customers are guaranteed maximum data security and an encrypted connection, and all texts are deleted after translation. Full-page translation will be available for free users soon. DeepL for Chrome ensures a fast and efficient translation experience that builds on and complements our existing apps. Add the DeepL for Chrome extension to your repertoire and enjoy a more efficient translation experience!