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DeepL for Windows app is now available in Microsoft Store

We’re pleased to announce that the DeepL for Windows app is officially available for download in the Microsoft Store—allowing even more people to benefit from our powerful desktop apps.

Once downloaded, our DeepL for Windows app is integrated directly into your computer's operating system—making it the easiest and fastest way to use DeepL. A seamless experience from start to finish, it provides access to DeepL translations anywhere and everywhere you need them on your desktop.

How can our DeepL for Windows app help streamline your workflow?

  • Enjoy more flexibility – translate directly while you write—in any app or tool that supports editing—with our Ctrl+Win+C shortcut
  • Avoid extra work – with a Pro subscription, you can save your favorite translations for easy access, or pause translations and return to them later
  • Spend less time translating – with shortcuts like Ctrl+C+C, you can paste text directly into the Desktop App, eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth
image of DeepL Translator translating German text to English with Ctrl+C+C feature

Packed with time-saving features and unparalleled flexibility, our DeepL for Windows app makes translation simple and efficient—increasing productivity and reducing effort. 

From high-quality document translation to our much-loved customization capabilities—such as alternative translations and glossary entries—our Windows app allows you to integrate DeepL into your daily workflow with ease.

Additionally, you can use your DeepL Pro subscription in the DeepL for Windows app—meaning you’ll retain full access to all the Pro benefits you know and love. Check out our DeepL for Windows app page for more details or download directly from the Microsoft Store.

Image of Microsoft Badge on a yellow background linking to the DeepL listing in Microsoft Store