Translate faster with DeepL for Windows

Works wherever you're reading or writing, with additional time-saving features.

Illustration of DeepL translation app for Windows

How it helps

Makes every translation easier

Has shortcuts and quick functions that spare you the back-and-forth.

It's fully integrated

You can translate when and where you need to: in your browser, email or document.

Gives you more flexibility

Reuse translations, customize your experience, and adapt to any context.

DeepL for Windows will streamline your work

Spend less time translating

No more copy-pasting or getting lost among tabs. This app works its magic in the background. All it takes is this shortcut:

Select any text and press Ctrl+C+C. Your translation will instantly pop up in the app.

That's only part of the story.

A line from an email translated with the Control+C+C shortcut in the DeepL app

Stay focused and ready to communicate

Translate what you're reading or writing on the fly, without pausing or switching context.

Select any text and press:

Ctrl+F9 to translate your reading in its original context, such as an article or a white paper

Ctrl+Win+C to translate your writing in your editing app, be it a document, an email, or a message in a chat


Avoid double work, pick up where you left off

With the app, you can save your translations and reuse them as needed—for future translations or to practice a new language.

Your translations are securely stored on your device, for your eyes only.