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DeepL integration in Windows and Mac

Why go to a website when the world’s best machine translation technology could be everywhere on your computer? By integrating DeepL into your computer’s operating system, great translations are just a keyboard shortcut away.

Maximum efficiency is the name of the game. DeepL software for Windows and macOS runs in the background and can be called up any time you need to translate. This means that DeepL’s translations are available in each and every one of the programs and applications on your computer!

All you need to do to translate is highlight the text and hit the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+C for Windows, ⌘C for Mac) twice. The DeepL window will appear, displaying the translation and allowing you to either copy it or simply insert it directly in place of the original text and continue working.

Best of all, the software includes some of the features that people love best about—alternate translations are shown whenever possible, and you can click on any word to get synonyms or other formulations.

Integrating DeepL into your computer is extremely easy. All you need to do is download the version of the app that’s right for your computer’s operating system, and open the downloaded file. You’ll automatically be guided through a very short setup process. Once completed, you’re ready to go!

DeepL Pro subscribers can link the software with their DeepL accounts to have the same benefits that they have come to enjoy. All 72 language combinations are supported in the integration, with new languages becoming available as soon as they are added to DeepL. Both the Windows and Mac versions can be downloaded for free here.