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Meet DeepL: how I advanced my career at DeepL

In today’s rapidly changing world, embarking on a new role can be an exciting opportunity to explore new possibilities. It requires a growth mindset, resilience, and a willingness to embrace new challenges.

Recently, Segolene Al Daccache, part of our Employer Branding team, sat together with Margot Novo to talk about her career journey at DeepL and the valuable lessons she learned along the way. From her initial position as a Marketing Operations Associate to her current role as a Communications Project Manager, Margot's path is a narrative of personal growth, adaptability, and the importance of aligning with a company's ethos.

Her journey is inspiring and highlights DeepL's strong commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a culture that values innovation, quality, and its people. Now, let’s dive in!

Could you please introduce yourself and your role at DeepL. Why did you decide to join us? 

With much pleasure! My name is Margot Novo, and I’m currently a Communications Project Manager at DeepL. I coordinate strategic communication initiatives, with a strong focus on maintaining a positive public image. Collaborating with diverse teams, I ensure that our messages align with our brand identity and resonate effectively with our target audience.

Through careful management of project timelines, budgets, and evaluations, I contribute to improving our public relations efforts, consistently helping stakeholders align effectively. Joining DeepL was a natural and exciting decision for me, driven by a combination of genuine passion for the product and with my vision of an ideal working environment. DeepL's innovation, quality, and impact on the world had captivated me long before the prospect of employment.

How has your role evolved over time?

This is a great question. I actually joined DeepL as Marketing Operations associate, but during the first week there was a project in the PR team that I helped support.

After less than one month, we decided that I would move to the PR team as PR Manager. Last December, I had the opportunity to grow my role within the team and that’s why I’m now a Communications Project Manager.

Reflecting on your career at DeepL, can you highlight a significant achievement or milestone that stands out in terms of your professional growth?

A significant achievement in my career was successfully managing the rapid expansion of our operations across multiple regions. Simultaneously managing the challenges and an effective path to growth, I implemented streamlined communication channels and collaborative frameworks.

Through careful planning and adaptation to local market nuances, we not only met but exceeded targets in terms of market share, revenue, and customer satisfaction. This achievement underscores my ability to navigate complexities, demonstrate adaptability, and foster cross-functional collaboration in dynamic and challenging scenarios.

DeepL values quality and long-term thinking. Can you share a specific example from your experience where these values played a crucial role in a project or decision?

When managing communication efforts for DeepL’s expansion into new markets, quality and long-term thinking were pivotal in shaping our approach. Instead of rushing to generate immediate attention, we invested time in understanding the local culture, preferences, and regulatory landscape.

This research informed our messaging and PR strategies, ensuring they resonated authentically with new audiences. Emphasizing quality over quick wins, we prioritized building relationships with local influencers and media outlets, aiming for sustained positive coverage rather than fleeting attention.

Navigating role transitions in my career involved strategic planning, continuous learning, and effective communication. When faced with a new role, I immersed myself in understanding the responsibilities, looked to mentors for guidance, and acquired relevant skills.

Transparent communication with current and new teams helped manage expectations and foster collaboration. Actively pursuing training opportunities enhanced my skills and demonstrated a commitment to personal and professional growth.

For those looking to grow within the company, my advice is to seek out new challenges, express interest in additional responsibilities, maintain a learning mindset, stay informed about industry trends, and actively build a professional network while remaining open to mentorship. Successful career growth requires a proactive and adaptable approach, a commitment to learning, and effective communication.

How has DeepL supported your continuous learning and development? Any specific opportunities or resources that stood out in your career progression?

My team lead has been a crucial support for my continuous learning and development within DeepL. Her guidance and mentorship have provided valuable insights into navigating various challenges and seizing opportunities for growth.

Additionally, DeepL's commitment to employee development is evident through the provision of a learning budget. I've actively taken advantage of this resource to enroll in training programs and acquire certifications that align with my career goals. This proactive approach, combined with the support from my team lead, has significantly contributed to my career progression. 

Reflecting on challenges, could you please share an experience with us that tested your abilities and what you learned from it.

A notable challenge in my career was the introduction of a new language in a complex situation with tight deadlines and unforeseen obstacles. The pressure was intense, and the balance between various aspects, from coordinating teamwork to managing stakeholder expectations, was exceptionally demanding.

This experience taught me the importance of adaptability and resilience. I learned to prioritize tasks, delegate effectively, and maintain clear lines of communication in stressful situations.

How has teamwork shaped your experience at DeepL, particularly during role transitions?

Teamwork has played a key role in my work experience, especially during role transitions. When transitioning to a new role, collaboration with my team was essential for a smooth integration. Through open communication, I was able to tap into the collective knowledge and experience of my colleagues and gain insights that helped me understand the nuances of my new responsibilities.

Looking back, are there projects or initiatives that you consider turning points in your career within DeepL?

Stepping up during a shortage of team members proved to be a transformative turning point in my career. Faced with the challenge of limited resources, I assumed additional responsibilities and played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of key projects.

This experience not only proved my ability to handle pressure and deliver results in challenging circumstances, but also demonstrated a strong sense of accountability and commitment to the team's success. The proactive approach and successful project outcomes were recognized within the organization, leading to increased trust and accountability.

This turning point was instrumental in facilitating a change in my position to Project Manager, underscoring the impact that taking initiative and going above and beyond in the face of challenges has on career growth and advancement.

What personal values align well with DeepL's culture, and how have they influenced your career path within the company?

I personally value caringness, which aligns well with the culture of DeepL and has profoundly influenced my career path within the company. This shared commitment to caring for others has been a driving force behind my approach to teamwork and my overall work ethic.

Embracing DeepL’s  "we care" value has not only fostered a positive and supportive work environment, but has also guided my decision-making processes, ensuring a focus on empathy, collaboration, and genuine concern for the well-being of my colleagues. 

Margot, it's truly inspiring to hear about your journey and the positive ripple effects your transition has had on both you and your team's growth. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

I'm thankful for the chance I've been given and the support I've received. I'm excited to keep growing in my current position and to keep contributing towards DeepL's achievements.

This story beautifully illustrates how embracing change, setting priorities, seeking support, and building teamwork can guide us through career transitions and leave us stronger in the end.

At DeepL, we believe that—although the journey may have its hurdles—the rewards are deeply meaningful and foster growth and new learning for every team member. If this story resonates with you and you're considering a dynamic career change, we invite you to connect with us on LinkedIn and discover the experiences that await you #InsideDeepL!