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  • Text translation

    Text translation

    Translate between 28 languages directly from your phone.

    Android | iOS

  • Text to speech

    Text to speech

    Learn how words are pronounced in almost any language.

    Android | iOS

  • Speech to text

    Speech to text

    Have conversations in other languages through your phone.

    Android | iOS

  • Dark mode

    Dark mode

    Protect your eyes from bright light and save your phone battery while translating.

    Android | iOS

  • Alternative translations

    Alternative translations

    View more translation suggestions for short sentences.

    Android | iOS

  • Camera translation

    Camera translation

    Can't read a menu? Instantly scan its text with your camera. Available for several languages.

    Android | iOS

  • Document translation

    Document translation

    Translate text from files quickly and accurately.


  • Image translation

    Image translation

    Translate text from any image. Available for several languages.

    Android | iOS

  • Saved translations

    Saved translations

    Build your own vocabulary list by saving important words or phrases.

    Android | iOS