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Meet DeepL: the “Women at DeepL” Employee Resource Group

In this interview, Muneeba Mughal shares insights into her role at DeepL, as well as the formation and mission of “Women at DeepL”, an Employee Resources Group (ERG). She also delves into her personal journey and vision for fostering diversity and inclusion within the tech industry. 

Muneeba's story is a beacon of change, illustrating her commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace at DeepL. An important topic year-round, inclusivity in the workplace is especially significant during Women’s History Month. So, let’s dive into Muneeba’s story!

Could you introduce yourself and explain your role at DeepL?

Hi there! I’m Muneeba, originally from Pakistan and currently based in Berlin, Germany. I’ve been part of the DeepL team for about 2.5 years, working as a Platform Engineer within the DevOps track. 

My primary responsibilities include ensuring our infrastructure is reliable, minimizing downtime, and providing a standardized, user-friendly platform for our engineers. This enables them to develop, test, and run their services effectively—ensuring scalability and security.

What is “Women at DeepL”, and how did it all start?

The ERG is a voluntary, employee-led initiative focused on diversity and inclusion, formally supported by DeepL. It originated when I joined DeepL and realized that, while there was an accepting culture towards diversity, we lacked a formal mechanism to celebrate and spread this diversity across the organization. 

To address this, the People & Culture team initiated the Belonging, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (BEDI) movement. This ERG, particularly for women, aims to foster an inclusive workplace where everyone has the opportunity to voice their opinions and thrive.

What inspired you to lead this ERG at DeepL, and what challenges did you face?

My inspiration stems from my personal experiences in a predominantly male field, where I was often reminded of ‌gender disparities. Whether at university or in my professional life, I've faced challenges that have made me more determined to ensure future engineers, especially women, do not face similar obstacles. 

Leading this ERG was a chance to actively contribute to making our work culture more inclusive and fair. One of the main challenges was changing the existing subtle practices to more overt celebrations and acknowledgments of diversity. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be able to do it here at DeepL.

How has this ERG made an impact on diversity and inclusion within DeepL?

“Women at DeepL” has launched several key projects, including enhancing the recruitment process to be more inclusive of women and launching some internal projects focused on women's development. 

These initiatives aim to provide a safe space for women to share their experiences, challenges, and achievements—fostering a supportive community within DeepL. This has enabled female employees to have a voice within the company and allowed their perspectives to be considered in decision-making processes. 

It's also facilitated networking and mentorship opportunities, contributing to the professional growth of women in our organization. We're committed to expanding professional development opportunities tailored to the needs of female employees, with the goal of inspiring and supporting women in their pursuit of leadership roles.

Looking forward, what are your aspirations for this ERG and diversity at DeepL?

My vision is to see this ERG continue to flourish and help make DeepL an even more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. 

I look forward to seeing more initiatives led by women to support their growth and to foster an environment where everyone—regardless of gender or identity—feels welcomed and valued. Our goal is to ensure that all employees have a fair and equitable chance to succeed in their careers, facing challenges that are unrelated to their identity or background.

We’re so appreciative of Muneeba for sharing her story with us, as it perfectly highlights DeepL’s year-round dedication to diversity, equality, and inclusion. 

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