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DeepL Write Pro: better ideas, better writing, better business

What you need to know about DeepL Write Pro:

  • Write Pro is your creative companion: powered by Language AI and LLM technology, it helps you develop your ideas and express them on the page 
  • Unlock your best writing: automatic writing improvements increase your productivity, so you and your team can communicate with confidence 
  • Trust the writing process, trust your AI: you can rest assured that your company’s data is secure and never shared with third parties. DeepL adheres to the highest privacy and security standards.
  • Write like a Pro in English and German: with many more languages on the horizon

Words matter. This is the belief on which DeepL is built and the reason we’re launching Write Pro. Language is the lifeblood that runs through your business. Done well, it can inspire investors, help teams align, and cut through the noise. Done poorly, it costs businesses precious time and resources. Office workers spend an estimated 20% of their time at work typing. How can companies make sure that time is well-spent?

How much of your work day do you spend on written communication? And what kind of impact do your words have on your business? Whether you’re composing emails, messages, or reports, every word takes time. Language may be your business’ most valuable currency.

We’ve all experienced the struggle of searching for the perfect word or the hesitation before hitting “send” on an important email. In moments like these, your team needs more than a spell-check. They need a fast, efficient way of finding the right expression that can help them craft the perfect tone.

And that’s exactly what DeepL Write Pro is here to help you do.

Powered by generative Language AI, Write Pro is a one-stop shop for developing better ideas, crafting better content, and improving business communication. Integrated wherever you work—from Gmail to Microsoft Word—Write Pro’s real-time corrections, suggested alternatives, and writing style and tone options will help your team take their writing and creativity to the next level.

As of today, DeepL Write is officially available for purchase in all the countries where DeepL Pro is available. Our AI writing companion can inspire your teams to think—and communicate—differently. Keep reading to explore Write Pro’s exciting features and benefits.

Heard all you need to hear? Jump in and give DeepL Write Pro a try now.

What is DeepL Write Pro?

DeepL Write Pro is an AI assistant that helps businesses improve communication, increase productivity, and save costs. Powered by advanced neural networks, this is AI fit for business: providing the accuracy known to hundreds of millions of DeepL users and always adhering to the highest privacy and security standards.

Write Pro is already available in English and German, with more languages on the horizon. Currently, Write Pro is available via our web browser, desktop and mobile apps, browser extensions, and many integrations, including:

  • Gmail
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Word
  • Google Slides
  • Google Docs
  • . . .with more to come!

With Write Pro, your company can cut down on editing time, improve writing quality, and increase overall productivity. It’s time to make language your team’s competitive advantage.

What can Write Pro do for your business?

1. Improve communication

Illustration showing Write Pro styles and tones with example

Thanks to various generative AI-powered word and sentence alternatives, Write Pro helps your teams adjust their writing so they can say exactly what they mean—and avoid frustrating and costly misunderstandings.

With real-time corrections for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors, Write Pro makes your team’s writing clearer and more precise. This, in turn, ensures consistency and polish across your organization’s internal and external content. 

Your team can also fine-tune their writing by choosing from our writing styles, which currently include:

  • Business
  • Casual
  • Academic
  • Simple

And tones:

  • Friendly
  • Diplomatic
  • Confident
  • Enthusiastic

By tailoring your written communication to any situation, your business benefits from more impactful writing. DeepL Write Pro helps your teams communicate with greater clarity, which leads to better collaboration.

2. Increase productivity and cost savings

Illustration showing Write Pro integrations with web, apps, and extensions

DeepL Write Pro’s automatic improvements save teams time and resources. 

Unlimited real-time corrections and suggested alternatives save hours of manual proofreading and editing, boosting your teams’ productivity and allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.

And with Write Pro’s integration with major applications, including Gmail, Microsoft Word, and the Google Suite, it’s easier than ever for your teams to improve their writing wherever they work.

3. Keep your data secure

Illustration of Write Pro security with data protection badges

Let’s face it: your teams may already be using generative AI in their work. But by using non-compliant providers, they can expose the business to data breaches. One non-compliant event can cost your business an average of 5.37 million Euros (5.87 million USD) and the cost to your reputation can stretch much further. Just like DeepL’s Translator subscriptions, DeepL Write Pro protects your company’s data with strict privacy and security standards. 

Write Pro includes:

  • Data storage: your texts are never stored without user consent and never used to train our AI models—keeping your company’s IP safe
  • SSO-enabled login: available via the DeepL website, browser extension, desktop and mobile apps, and integrations, SSO allows your employees to use Write Pro securely via multiple platforms
  • Owned data centers: DeepL Pro servers are owned by DeepL SE and operated in a co-location model in ISO 27001-certified European data centers
  • Data encryption: all data transferred between DeepL Write Pro subscribers and DeepL infrastructure uses transport layer security (TLS) encryption
  • Certification and compliance: DeepL Pro has secured ISO 27001 certification, as well as a SOC 2 Type II report and GDPR compliance
  • Admin control: you can easily control DeepL accounts and usage through a centralized administration center

Data protection and privacy are vital for security-conscious companies. DeepL’s dedication to world-class security is one of the key reasons for businesses to choose DeepL Write Pro.

Make every word count with DeepL Write Pro

DeepL Write Pro empowers business professionals everywhere to think differently and write with full confidence.

From everyday interactions to high-stakes work scenarios, DeepL Write Pro elevates your writing—boosting the quality and efficiency of your business communications globally.

Ready to communicate with impact, clarity, and confidence? Try DeepL Write Pro today.