DeepL API’s enhanced context parameter feature further boosts translation accuracy

What you need to know about the context parameter feature:

  • The context parameter feature allows API users to provide additional context around a text translation request, improving the accuracy of the output

  • DeepL customers have lauded the feature as improving translation quality, particularly for short text requests such as product names or descriptions

  • After an experimental alpha phase, the feature is now fully operational and available to all API users

Our API team has just deployed its newest feature to improve translation customization and accuracy: context parameter. Following its initial alpha release, the context parameter feature is now fully operational and available to all API users.

What is the context parameter feature?

The context parameter feature provides users with greater control and flexibility within the API, allowing them to add additional context within their text translation requests. This feature is particularly useful for short, low-context sources such as product names, descriptions, or article headlines—instances where translation can be improved through additional content surrounding the request.

The feature received positive feedback from early adapters such as Weglot and Kicktipp—and we have now moved the feature to general availability within DeepL API. 

How does the context parameter feature work?

Illustration of API with "plan" and "Paket"

The context parameter feature is easy to use and extremely effective in further improving the quality of translations. When making a text translation request, users should include a single parameter that provides additional context for the text to be translated. The context itself is not translated—only the requested text—allowing for greater precision and accuracy in the output.

As with all of DeepL’s translations, this feature enables effective translations across industries—and is particularly beneficial for e-commerce platforms, where precise naming conventions or product descriptions are paramount to a positive sales experience.

Why are we launching the context parameter feature?

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We’re launching the context parameter feature to general availability because it provides clear benefits for our customers:

  • Enhanced translation accuracy: by allowing users to provide more context, translations will be more accurate—especially in cases where the source text lacks sufficient standalone context

  • Cost efficiency: the context text does not count towards the translation limit, ensuring cost-effective use of our API

  • User empowerment: users have greater control over the translation process, enabling them to achieve the desired quality and nuance in translated text

The context parameter is fully operational within the API for our users—no additional setup required. Additionally, our API documentation has been updated to reflect this change, making it easy for developers to integrate this feature into their workflows and to start benefiting from enhanced translation accuracy.

Boost your API translation accuracy with context parameters

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