Welcome to the DeepL Blog!

At DeepL, our mission is to bring AI products of the future to everyone, right now. Here in the DeepL Blog, we will keep you updated about our ideas and the innovations that we will bring to the world.

There is currently a lot of hype about AI and what it can possibly achieve in the future. However, real products have yet to fulfill this promise; self-driving car services have yet to appear, personal assistants remain constrained to a small set of queries, and live translators are not yet good enough for smooth conversation.

At DeepL, we are actively launching products that put the future of AI into your hands. We started with DeepL Translator, launched in August 2017. It was described as "outperforming other services" (Le Monde), translating "much more fluently" (Wired), and as having "outdone all the tech giants and raised the bar for the field" (TechCrunch). To achieve our goals, we have been developing a completely new generation of artificial neural networks. Using a novel neural network design, our networks learn to grasp the subtle meanings of sentences, and convey them in the target language in a way not seen before. DeepL Translator is available to everyone, free of charge at DeepL.com/Translator.

Since our neural networks have developed a previously unseen sense of "understanding", there are numerous more potential applications. You can expect further DeepL products that go way beyond translation and will change the way you handle text and speech. Keep your finger on the pulse here on our blog!

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