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Translate on the Go with DeepL for iOS

Have you ever wished for instant fluency in another language? Maybe you were traveling and couldn’t read a menu, or you met a new friend but didn’t speak the same language.

With our new mobile translation app for iOS, you can say goodbye to language barriers. No matter where you are or who you’re with, you can get your iOS device out and easily access DeepL’s accurate translations.

The app is accessible on iPhone and iPad and allows users to translate on the go. It supports all 26 DeepL languages and language variants, as well as other DeepL benefits like fast translations, quick language detection, and best-in-class translation quality.

Additionally, you can try the speech to text translation feature, which allows you to use your device’s microphone to translate speech input. It also works the other way around with the text to speech feature, which allows you to listen to your text input and its translation.

This is yet another exciting milestone for our team at DeepL as we continue to work towards eliminating language barriers and bringing cultures together.

Eager to start translating on your iOS device? You can download the app for free here.