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Save time and resources when working with complex legal language

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Deliver faster for your clients

Translate documents with one click while retaining original formatting. 

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Minimize manual editing time

DeepL is over 3x more accurate than our closest competitors. Spend more time focusing on content, not editing. 

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Stay both compliant and secure

Translate sensitive information with guaranteed TLS encryption and full GDPR compliance. Respect your client’s confidentiality requirements and contact our sales team for NDAs that suit your situation.

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Maximum consistency across documents

Customized glossaries save editing time and guarantee consistency in official communication across multiple languages. 

What our customers are saying

 "With DeepL we have a trusted partner that considers data security of paramount importance.”  

- Christiaan, Team Lead, Language Center  

 "The translations are of good quality and it is easy to upload full documents and have them translated in less than a minute.”  

- Kristof, Procurement Manager 

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DeepL, the world’s most accurate and secure AI translator, is a translation tool of choice for attorneys, law firms, and governmental organizations worldwide.

✅ DeepL’s translation AI has been trained using official public EU documents, ensuring the highest quality, especially for legal texts  

✅ Full data protection compliance with German and international privacy law  

✅ Texts are deleted immediately after they're translated 

✅ For corporate customers, we can provide a custom NDA, ensuring that professional secrets stay that way   

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DeepL has you covered 

Our translation products deliver quick, accurate translations, enabling seamless communication with clients, colleagues or in an international court. 

No matter if it’s for the client’s convenience translation or international contracts, DeepL Pro is your trusted translation solution.

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