DeepL Pro is launching in 25 new markets

What you need to know about this massive DeepL Pro expansion: 

  • DeepL Pro is now available for purchase in 25 additional markets across Africa, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Central America, Europe, and South America 

  • DeepL Pro’s advanced translation features open up vast opportunities for businesses to go global faster than ever before 

  • As AI implementation grows across industries, DeepL provides the best-in-class translation solutions that maximize business potential   

  • DeepL is built upon a security-first framework, so Pro users can communicate confidently and accurately without sacrificing their data   

We’re thrilled to announce a massive expansion of our subscription service DeepL Pro. Now available in 25 additional markets, DeepL Pro unlocks vast business potential for companies of all sizes and industries on a global scale. This expansion continues to advance our mission to break down communication barriers worldwide and to put the best possible AI in the hands of businesses everywhere. 

In addition to world-class translation accuracy, DeepL Pro users receive unlimited text translation, top-notch data security, expanded customization options, and more. Our translations even take into account sector-specific terminology, further curating brand messaging at an industry level. 

What are the 25 new DeepL Pro markets? 

We’re excited to now offer DeepL Pro to the following markets:

  • Argentina 

  • Australia 

  • Chile 

  • Colombia 

  • Costa Rica 

  • Cote d’Ivoire 

  • Ecuador 

  • Hong Kong 

  • India 

  • Indonesia 

  • Israel 

  • Malaysia 

  • Morocco 

  • New Zealand 

  • Norway 

  • Paraguay 

  • Peru 

  • Philippines 

  • Saudi Arabia 

  • Taiwan 

  • Thailand 

  • Türkiye 

  • United Arab Emirates 

  • Uruguay 

  • Vietnam 

With more and more businesses implementing AI into their workflows, DeepL Pro offers a state-of-the-art AI translation service built upon the advanced AI technology that's made us a leader in the field. 

Which DeepL Pro features give your business a global edge? 

DeepL Pro is designed with businesses in mind, with features that save time and costs while boosting efficiency and productivity. From small and medium-sized businesses to global corporations, advanced translation features can help any organization reach new markets and customers. 

  • Maximum data security: DeepL follows world-class data protection measures to guarantee your business’s safety. All text is deleted from DeepL-operated servers after the translation is completed—and no customer text is ever passed to third parties or used as AI training data. 

  • Unlimited text translation: Businesses need to translate a high volume of characters, and DeepL Pro meets this demand with unlimited text translation. 

  • Advanced document translation options: Translate whole PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, text, or HTML files while preserving the original formatting. 

  • Greater customization: Maintain brand consistency and standardize internal and external messaging with more translation customization options. 

  • Integrate DeepL API: With a DeepL API Pro subscription, businesses can translate their websites, apps, and internal tools and products—with just a few clicks.   

Looking to take your enterprise to the next level?  

Is your business located in one of our newest DeepL Pro countries and looking to expand on a global level? Find the best plan for your team over at the DeepL Pro page and get started today.