Single sign-on: Boost your enterprise security in less than ten minutes

Companies and their teams are learning how to balance cyber security with productivity and user experience. How can they improve usability and productivity for employees, while keeping their systems safe and their costs low? Single sign-on (SSO) authentication helps companies and employees alike to address these challenges.

What is SSO?

SSO allows employees to log in to all company applications with one set of user credentials. Users can switch easily between corporate apps without having to generate and remember multiple passwords. SSO setup via Self-Service is now available for DeepL Pro Advanced or Ultimate users with 35+ licenses.

Look at what our current customers are saying – and learn how SSO improves security, user experience and productivity.

Enhance security and compliance

“We strive to put all cloud services on SSO, because this makes the handling easier for our employees and is safer.”

There is a seemingly endless array of apps we use daily. With so much to keep track of, it’s no wonder that most users choose the same or similar passwords for each application (yes, we’re all guilty of it!)

While a weak password might make life easier for an employee, it puts companies at risk of cyber-attacks. Hackers can break down defenses app by app if login credentials are weak. With SSO, the team administrator has a central login directory, with complete control over user permissions and access to resources. SSO also helps IT to ensure regulatory compliance by documenting user activity from this central location.

Improve user experience

“We want to eliminate as many passwords as possible. It's the only way to simplify working in our company.”

SSO is an antidote to password fatigue. With a single login to remember, employees can spend more time focusing on important tasks and less time stressing over yet another new password. Employees can easily request access to new apps in the corporate suite and, if they do forget their master login, they can reset their password quickly and easily.

Reduce cost

“Most staff tend to forget their passwords. This leads to a very high support effort, and the reuse of unsecure simple passwords.”

SSO unburdens the IT department from having to constantly reset passwords for multiple apps, reducing overall cost and increasing productivity in other areas of the business.

Set up SSO

SSO setup via Self-Service is available for our Advanced and Ultimate accounts with 35+ licenses. Administrators can consult our Help Center instructions to set up SSO in less than ten minutes, making it easier than ever to manage their team’s access to DeepL translation products.

Interested in SSO but don’t quite meet the threshold? Upgrade your subscription in your team’s Account Dashboard, or reach out to your dedicated DeepL Pro Sales representative.