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DeepL Pro goes live in Mexico

DeepL Pro subscriptions are now available in Mexico, home to many of DeepL’s most loyal users! In fact, translator usage in Mexico is among the top 10 countries worldwide. Most of our users in Mexico translate Spanish to English and Spanish to French — facilitating personal and professional communication globally. With Pro subscription capability, we’re opening premium features to 129 million people, and millions of businesses alike. DeepL Pro and DeepL Pro for Business offer individuals and organizations more tools at their fingertips, including: ♾️ Unlimited text translation  ➕ Increased number of document translations 📂 Increased file size for document translations 🔒 Maximum data security 📕 Additional glossaries 💼 Formal and informal tone 💻 CAT tool integration A DeepL Pro subscription is perfect for individual users, particularly professional translators or freelancers, to unlock DeepL's full potential through unlimited translations and customization options. If you want to enable your entire team to use translation tools, DeepL Pro for Teams will help expand communication with global partners, while ensuring tone and brand consistency across borders. Teams of 35 or more members can also utilize Single Sign-On (SSO) for maximum organizational security. For software developers and organizations who want to build their own DeepL-powered products, using the DeepL API makes it possible to integrate high-quality translations directly into websites, applications, and more. 

Mexico joins the growing number of countries offering DeepL Pro, including the EU, UK, Canada, the USA, Japan, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. To find the plan that’s best for you or your team, visit the DeepL Pro page and get started today.